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RT @NBCSports: BREAKING: @RealJeffJarrett is the newest member of @WWE's 2018 Hall of Fame Class https://t.co/zwo6fsipN2 https://t.co/7sVlvSEHxg
RT @VAWrestling: A student of WWE superstar Curt Hawkins, The Abominable CPA looks to join the NOVA Pro main roster on March 10th at… https://t.co/wAX65ho9CN
RT @MandyRoseGarden: Thought we would point this out: @WWE_MandyRose is a little over 50,000 followers away from the one million… https://t.co/mTRyIbjbmw
RT @LightskinBilNye: If you think WWE is fake then how do you explain this? 🤔 https://t.co/NbypxEXwW6
fake pics of miley cyrus nude wwe hardcore champions https://t.co/I42a58R7VI
Former #WWE star Billy Jack Haynes says he witnessed an infamous double homicide in Arkansas: https://t.co/ENdFDaTzn9 via @UPROXX
RT @RumblingRumors: Watch Seth Rollins Cut One Of The Most Emotional Promos Of His Career. https://t.co/723vbiQMKv #WWE #SETHROLLINS… https://t.co/T92P1HsyVc
Me when I thought Jeff Jarrett had passed away: "Oh, that's terrible" Me when I found out it was actually just tha… https://t.co/CMviCYPFQd
@JonesOdayne @UnitedStandMUFC your a united fan and your not enjoying this moment, your calling another fan a nonce… https://t.co/XdcBcgcZNf
RT @ochichiri: @omoissy @ItsHimOla The thing is the way DC and Marvel chose to tell their stories. DC make their characters suffer… https://t.co/ozx6TI0LE5
RT @ATVS_JakeNazar: Jeff Jarrett the first member of Bullet Club to go into the WWE Hall of Fame
@Jthames101193 I forget Jarrett was in WWE sometimes. But those Puppies bro 👍
It bugs me that WWE say that Jeff Jarrett 'promoted some shows'. He started a company that became number 2 in the c… https://t.co/L3AOAyzvys
RT @PWStream: WWE’s fetish of Superstars having one name continues... Apollo Crews is now officially, you guessed it, Apollo. What is this company?
Jeff Jarrett - An alleged Racist, Extortionist and sexist, A confirmed adulterer and alcoholic a shining example to… https://t.co/GImkJ0P5aS
@JRsBBQ Can you elaborate what happened to Jeff Jarrett's WWE contract during 1999? Thanks!
RT @GuilleTC: RT PORFA AMIGOS Compra ahora YA tu cuenta WWE NETWORK para disfrutar de este evento en vivo y en español >> Prec… https://t.co/HSGzg34fRT
RT @wweespanol: En UNA SEMANA @RondaRousey firmará su contrato con #RAW en #WWEChamber, pero desde HOY ya puedes conseguir su playe… https://t.co/SkR4JGp6lb
@TheMoorhouseCDN and I discuss the MOST DISGUSTING promotional tactic(s) of 2017. #WWE #SDLive https://t.co/yWoeDYHUUQ