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Why do jalapeños in soup always taste like soap?
wulff road bamboo do me dirty today. 5.5/10
RT @FIirtationship: when its your turn to order your meal and u haven't rehearsed it in your head yet https://t.co/BZebSBm6aE
@Drownlord @Koyolein scheinbar is es eine Strafe wenn man mit ihr befreundet is 🤐🤐😜
@dodhemsko ich hab nen Militärhaarschnitt schön kurz und Pflege leicht 😉😎
RT @OTHdiary: "It's you. When all my dreams come true, you're the one I want next to me. It's you." https://t.co/mo1hCE1svX
RT @DailyMemeSuppIy: ladies, you have $20 to build the perfect man Funny $50 Smart $30 Honest $60 Attractive $75 Student📚✏️📝😈 $10 Athlete 💦💪🏼🏅🏃🏽 $10
RT @OTHdiary: A little inspiration from Jamie Scott. https://t.co/jXmXf3ilBP
RT @CallieJenelle: Surprised Kellie and Sam at their concert and it was great to see their faces
RT @ViraIMemes: me: *yawn* student athlete: https://t.co/15gc8hyqYe
As histórias do Eduardo são as melhores kkk
RT @ArquiViajesBsAs: Edificio Otto Wulff. Emblema de la Modernidad en Buenos Aires https://t.co/qluclKDwZF Buenos Aires, ciudad Ecléc… https://t.co/YvKcTB3aQW
@wulff_eloisa dona veneza é foda aajaanana
RT @FatihZingal: "İSLAM ALMANYA'NIN BİR PARÇASIDIR" Bu gerçeği eski CB Wulff dile getirdi. Gauck katılmadı. Umarız yeni CB Steinmeie… https://t.co/fwVsDiAX57