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@dannyparki Wow!! Great find matey! I reckon the Bantams are fortunate to have him
Yes, I know it's from #Cracked but wow! Great story!!
Oh wow ! Great image - thank you.
When I was child we hade tree and in Sumer time I use to see many beards and child of beards wow great felling keep tham bake to Nast
@DjASHBA Wow! Great photo!! Ordered #CantWaitToGetIt 😉👌!!!
Wow great to know my fucking best friend of 5/6 years wants to remove me from her life lmao.
@DoRtChristians @midnightride20 I so want to be on that list. WOW! Great list of people to follow!
@realDonaldTrump Wow! Wow! Wow! Great job Congressman Heck.
Chef Chriss/@927Events! Great experience from start to finish, and the food was SUPERB. 10/10 would book again.
@hehefunnys wow. great job dog
Wow great article, never thought I'd see a journalist give a reptile a rimjob
RT @sterlingwords1: @NolteNC @Kristen61555019 WOW!! Great Post and well written. Anyone that believes obama didn't wiretap Trump is a liar and partisan hack
@MarinoMescolott @Indians what?! You have the ACTUAL trophy at your house? Wow great job!
@thinkingpoker wow, great quote! he could be talking about acting too