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RT @DaveHargreave14: @Sophia6911 ❤ I should be Thanking you Stunning Sweetheart Sophia 💋 U know I #worship & #adore Everything about You ❤ XXX 🌹
RT @Koo_The_Boy: 1. Ma Disqualify Wo. 2. Ma Disqualify Wo (Worship). 3. Ma Disqualify Wo (Instrumentals). https://t.co/7lLOoeJ81u
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube https://t.co/x0BV9oSgBD Worship - "Cornerstone" (Live at RELEVANT)
Your Next Level of Worship and "prosperity" is worthless until it is connected to the release of the captive and the lifting if the poor.
RT @HanifJWilliams: Your worship does *not* bestow favor on Himﷻ.... Heﷻ has bestowed favor on you by allowing you to worship.
RT @CRAZYBOY9132: I wish ...!!! Khavahish is complete without a worship ...!!! They come hug. ... Without my permission! #LionHeart4society @Gurmeetramrahi
RT @s_sy00_bot: インフェルニティエンザを予防して満足するしかねぇ! https://t.co/0zDpaAB2wL
Saya suka video @YouTube dari @Graharohani https://t.co/wycjva8hlB VIDEO BAGAIMANA ORANG2 JEPANG - PRAISE AND WORSHIP SAAT IBADAH
Good piece by @annavetticad about director @gauris's bold departure from Bollywoodish parent-worship in #DearZindagi https://t.co/7FRljH4oFS
RT @IndianSanskriti: The word ‘prasad’ means that which gives peace. During any form of worship, ritual or ceremony, Hindus offer some... https://t.co/0XTwwjAuXf
Counting the hours until #Citythaprays Various expressions of worship culture are shaping the urban experience and… https://t.co/ozcgLLWFw0
RT @churchAlmighty: Love God Forever | Praise and Worship "God’s True Love" #Praise #TrueLove #Gospel #AlmightyGod Watch more:… https://t.co/MPpRvNKPlV
YOUTHS IN WORSHIP wt Pst Topsticks. Dis SAT 10th Dec by 1pm @bol_youthchurch.... Obanikoro Lagos. #Music #Worshiphttps://t.co/bzhG1sPtrX
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube https://t.co/p99s292r6E Worship - "One Thing" (Live at RELEVANT)
Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful... https://t.co/8os4KMRCUP
NOT #ThongThursday 😈 So Worship Adore & Idolise The Stunning Hot & Sexiness of The Sizzling @willowsummers69 https://t.co/SCXfTb1Bdx
My hope is in you #God I'm steadfast, I will not be moved I'm anchored, never shaken All my hope is in you. 🎧🎧🎧🎧 #Worship @bethelmusic
Our “Service of Advent Light” is an opportunity for all of us to stop, to reflect, and to worship together all... https://t.co/TRGGhSJJho
@JimMarriott1 "Lutheran worship invites us into a different world than the one we inhabit." (Just) #P140W
RT @DaystarJoni: "I believe that worship leaders have to stay focused on what our assignment is." @MicahStampley #JoniTableTalk https://t.co/2tGLYpXK12
I wish ...!!! Khavahish is complete without a worship ...!!! They come hug. ... Without my permission! #LionHeart4society @gurmeetramrahi
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