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I can pray and Worship the Lord here or there. I can pray and Worship the Lord from anywhere. 😀
@fameonerock Ah! Sorry, thought you were! Sometimes watching or reading about a band you don't already love is easier-- no idol worship?
RT @worshipvivienne: How's the view down there, pet? I bet u're ready to explode. 😋 Don't make Me wait. On ur knees, now. #obeycountess… https://t.co/VhZaNYRk6v
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Rps8HizoQt Behold (Then Sings My Soul) // Hillsong Worship // New Song Cafe
RT @TrustChristBro: Mornings that begin with Jesus, the Bible, & worship music are simply incomparable to anything else. God is awesome.
"Now Playing" New Direction - Worship Christ on https://t.co/TYPkOQtjjg
RT @pastortaiwo: Join us for an incredible time of worship, this Thursday, as we host Lenny Leblanc. Invite a friend too. https://t.co/AH05idFkkz
We're still thinking about the amazing worship setlist from Sunday! What was your favorite? #CityHopeLivehttps://t.co/uyRPGIrKr0
RT @MarkGeistSWP: A president who wants everyone to succeed or HRC who wants everyone to worship her? America it's our choice https://t.co/vcq5cV3wJQ
2 great and important reads on going to worship and listening to the sermon! Highly recommend them and are availab… https://t.co/tRzco7LJtV
RT @carmella_queen: Kiss those feet. #worship our shoes. Such a lucky fag to get the chance. Real time meets 👠👠👠 @RTmutt @rtdumb… https://t.co/VaVqC0whzx
RT @SexciMrcali: Let me worship your body Orally- "Oral Fixation" playing soon at https://t.co/hJeeuDprZz D'generous @SexciMrcali… https://t.co/CaBmD9BtSB
@hornymom_6969 If anyone deserves an ass worship it's you babe. X https://t.co/0CuAFy3ncy
Suena: Years & Years - Worship Escúchanos aquí: https://t.co/Wb697k1QRW
RT @MuslimMemo: O Allah, help me to remember You, to thank you, and to worship You in the best of manner.
@MooreMaya O ye who believe! Eat of the good things that We have provided for you, and be grateful to Allah, if it is Him ye worship.(2/172)
RT @underdeskloser: Crawl to @QueenAmi_ and worship her holy feet #footworship @RTfucker @rtdumb @RTfeet @rtserf @rtfindom https://t.co/3b5VErfFO5
O Allah, help me to remember You, to thank you, and to worship You in the best of manner.
I found this awesome recording of "Oceans (Instrumental)" on #Smule: https://t.co/Fff6kw9b7w #SingKaraoke
RT @tleticiv: "we honor human beings, not worship them. you don't have to bow to them in order to build w them" - sprinkle of jesus .
RT @kingsleypst: Get ready for an Awesome time of worship with Lenny Leblanc Today Tuesday25th,6:30pm at DCC,Elegushi BeachRd,Lekki… https://t.co/fb7GZFzXSt
Pastor Kee @Keetwit and BOLD Clothing last night in Memphis. An awesome time of worship. Pastor Kee rocked the hous… https://t.co/6UAlP6LQ1t