مضيت بقلم فريده عبد الفتاح السباعي https://t.co/uOZqmqHJND
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RT @EnkiVzla: Presidente del TSJ El Narco Juez y Asesino convicto Maikel Jose Moreno Perez https://t.co/cuEc1rUqxN 242 TransicionCivilMilitarYA :
Everyone is having a field day with news that Trump is skipping the Correspondents’ Dinner https://t.co/RsiwBXwGQT https://t.co/DOXwcncOSf
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Seattle Mayor Holds State of the City address... at Mosque. Attendees comply with sharia. https://t.co/glxBynmPqo via @creepingsharia
若い頃の三森すずこが可愛いwwwwwwwww (※画像あり) https://t.co/OxcNdouoQ5 https://t.co/MTsjJc2JuM
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How to Spot an Emotional Vampire - Tip #1 https://t.co/gkf9CpNQkG via @herdigerdime
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