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Carter Godwin Woodson was an African-American historian, author, journalist and the founder of… https://t.co/3DK2WqjckM
Carter G Woodson Father of Black History studies Black History month https://t.co/ucqHWZCBU5
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RT @JoeWard84: Dr. Carter G. Woodson the "Father of Black History" biography. #blackhistory365 #legend #blackhistorymonth   … https://t.co/ikvsupsJyE
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RT @BlackNewsOutlet: #BlackHistoryMonth originated in 1926, founded by Carter G. Woodson to celebrate achievements, births, events and t… https://t.co/RGprmFSGWJ
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RT @557dg4: 貧困性風俗非正規報道が抱える問題の一つに、内閣府他行政機関に「お前は信用出来ん」と参画を一蹴されたが故に、メディアに自説を語りたがる「自称有識者」はポジショントークとして「政府は無理解だ」と訴え、本人もそう信じてしまうというのがある コレがこの手の報道に酷いバイアスがかかる所以也
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RT @KimKardashian: I love Germany, its Vonderfull here! I love z apple strudel
RT @LookingBackInto: Facts 7/10: First Black History Week was celebrated in USA 1926; initiated by Carter G. Woodson. Became… https://t.co/DwB5R5VTIw
the lil bits clip from rick and morty has destroyed me next time im in a public restroom im reenacting it
RT @brownasthenight: I wish Mike Woodson got an HC job again, if only because there's been a severe lack of Mike Woodson gifs in my life
RT @brownasthenight: We haven't had a good Mike Woodson GIF in years
@brownasthenight @liamchgreen Me too. A fun subplot of that series: Woodson a Hoosier coaching the Knicks, Vogel, a Jersey Boy coaching IND