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@Trtbl20 Lott and Woodson couldn’t even come close to Deion’s coverage skills. Lott was a safety, obviously he’s gonna be a better tackler.
#repost @IwantMoor • • • The Mis-Education of the Negro - Carter Godwin Woodson Discusses the… https://t.co/kogahzexVo
Things you’ll rarely see : 1. A super bowl being played without Tom Brady in it 2. An office episode where Michae… https://t.co/dm3qM5h4Mm
Stephon Woodson!!!
Received my hubcaps in the mail, cleaned up far beyond my expectations... #Woodsonhttps://t.co/l5cUviQgKK
RT @MichaelDavSmith: The Jaguars have been penalized six times for 98 yards. The Patriots have been penalized one time for 10 yards.
@KhalWayne Sure. But effort was a question under Rambis. And Fisher. And Woodson in 2013-14. At some point, we hav… https://t.co/ZKSjNnZHrS
RT @TyraBussNews: List of Hoosier 2K Point Club: Calbert Cheaney Steve Alford Don Schlundt A.J. Guyton Mike Woodson Tyra Buss Wow!… https://t.co/mojew1gUex
@Sam_Woodson thank i for ur support sam woodson
i will always firmly believe this is the greatest piece of outsider art ever created https://t.co/n5WR0silng
RT @mtehuitz: Me: there’s nothing else to do about the government shutdown Me after 4 glasses of wine: https://t.co/QEkPcB1cjw
When Ramsey lose some of that speed and switch to FS on some Charles Woodson shit >>>
@RalphieReport Woodson caused the fumble. Biekert recovered it #raidernation
@RalphieReport I thought it was Charles Woodson on the strip? Were they both there?
RT @AmineMojito_Keh: Quand tu veux pas de coup de ceinture mais que c'est une gucci https://t.co/ufekoU3Qx2
Charles Woodson somewhere smiling at that fumble #NEvsJAX
RT @AAM53010: It's been 2 weeks, @hpmemphis. We will NOT abandon Jules Woodson the way you did. #TIMESUP #justiceforjules #metoo… https://t.co/S3sODVgZMY
@Rollicking_R8R Charles Woodson lives? Oh yes or no? Oh we need this ball Raider Nation
RT @MlllKE: HC Pat Shurmur DC Jack Del Rio OC _____________ DB Coach Charles Woodson
HC Pat Shurmur DC Jack Del Rio OC _____________ DB Coach Charles Woodson