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As expected, #DWTS won't return in spring 2019, but maybe that's a good thing https://t.co/QWHTQhQ6Sp https://t.co/GmAfK8pHpe
DWTS: The show is taking a break and won't air again until next fall. #carlarealityupdate https://t.co/jbPgcFDchk
DWTS: The show is taking a break and won't air again until next fall. This means many husbands will be getting a br… https://t.co/V4tGt5RAYM
DWTS is a voting show. You vote for your favorite. People’s choice win the majority of the time. Bobby Bones May ha… https://t.co/TKCxTGATN7
I have a theory the only reason why Bobby Bones won #DWTS last season was because it’s @ABCNetwork’s way of pumping… https://t.co/2tWFdQwYrH
Just saw DWTS won’t be on this spring. Is @mrBobbyBones the last Mirrorball winner?
#ABC Announces '#DWTS' Won't Have A 2019 Spring Season - https://t.co/MZMNizc2EQ
Sad to hear DWTS won’t be doing a spring cycle, maybe don’t vote people like Juan Pablo Di Pace off next time 🤷‍♂️
My second favorite tiny baby won DWTS Junior so I’m ok. I will live another day.
@LindsaySwink @mrBobbyBones @SharnaBurgess @DancingABC yes we did and we won. I used to watch DWTS at the beginning… https://t.co/Kyp8oUKdma
RT @WlTLO: there won’t be a spring season of dwts bc of american idol which now stars b*bby bones. he literally can’t stop rui… https://t.co/bDGX6hcUnw
@haykambright I’ve never been able to listen to his show bc of his attitude. And how he’s acted since he won DWTS is further proof
Booby Bones, huh? No hard feelings there. DWTS 'gets cut from spring schedule and won't return until Fall 2019' - D… https://t.co/b8H2YTNn8L
RT @normallywaves: but anyways, Normani won DWTS 💅
So, they aren’t gonna air DWTS this spring because of who won last season? WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?! People need to grow up🙄
Stopped watch DWTS when the pushed the queer agenda! Now it's because some Browns complained that a white guy won.… https://t.co/hdwxK2WhKw
There won’t be a Spring season of #DWTS (the scheduling conflicts with #AmericanIdol this year made things rushed).… https://t.co/60AOFAzenB
'Dancing With the Stars' shocker: Show won't air next spring https://t.co/novmOD9VJt
'Dancing With the Stars' shocker: Show won't air next spring https://t.co/72XUuxdjHB
RT @JennaJ_Fans: reminder that these two won season 26 of dwts. and just because it was a shorter season, doesn’t mean their win “do… https://t.co/XadFatP7PS
Bayley didn’t win the MMC, but at least she won the mirror ball trophy on #DWTS 😋 https://t.co/I6ibYNtQkq
@lauriesnj @DancingABC @DWTSJuniors Yes, agreed!!! Loved Bobby’s personality but Milo, Alexis or Evanna should have… https://t.co/fcrzf8b72T
RT @normallywaves: but anyways, Normani won DWTS 💅