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I think a male pro who’s never won (Keo, Brandon, Alan, or Artem) is going to win S27. 🙏🏼 #dwts27 #dwts
normani did DWTS and got a top 10 hit later. tinashe won https://t.co/hDNzyiQXKF
@bobbybonesshow hey man today is my wife and I 10 year anniversary I listen to your show just about every morning i… https://t.co/U0hPQ6Q7Qj
RT @DancingABC: .@Evy_Lynch won’t need any wizardry with @keodancer as her partner! ⚡️ #DancingOnGMA #DWTS https://t.co/YBsJnSjdhB
@dwts_babe calls out Cara Maria bc she won’t go but she was the one who jumped off. Hypocrite. https://t.co/H5mqrCW1n1
I had a dream last night that @SharnaBurgess and @mrBobbyBones won dwts... hopefully my dream ends up being right
@mrBobbyBones needs to win #dwts so we can feel like the #razorbacks won something this fall.
You're in Prison. Use the first 6 people in your tag list. Who reported you: @crikeysquad Snitch Your cell mate:… https://t.co/z1qbyMTiMg
Darren Criss won an Emmy? It’s what he deserves.
RT @Bachelor__Bob: You know who is so pure and honest that he won't even touch his ballroom dance partner? #BachelorInParadise… https://t.co/zJpUBu3WOs
Oooooon a positive note... my grandfather just won $1,000 playing bingo #hestillgotit
dwts is back next week, maybe I won’t be sad for a few weeks
Just thought of this now, if he done dwts I wonder if he would have won? https://t.co/9eFHOa90Ri
Each season there is a professional dancer as a «star» on dwts. This season it is Tinashe. Season 25 it was Jordan… https://t.co/SNW5OJIhW7