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RT @morningmika: Donald Trump tried to pass a health care plan tailored for the Freedom Caucus. Now he should try passing one that works for all Americans.
RT @jaketapper: Trump unhappy Jared Kushner took a powder on the ski slopes as health care bill floundered - CNN https://t.co/QhFgSmIh9p
Lara Setrakian watched the Ebola crisis unfold stating “Public health experts tell me that that actually cost us in human lives”. #ACP2087
About time! Young people's mental health is so important https://t.co/mU2wVA11IM
RT @WomenintheWorld: Not one woman seated at table for discussion to decide fate of women’s health care: https://t.co/H0vu7JH3Zq https://t.co/B0pmLqaUVq
RT @Channel2News: היום: מזג אוויר אידיאלי לטיולים, התחממות בתחילת השבוע https://t.co/r4TGBD2qII https://t.co/Az7YCukKkL
Readers sound off on Citi Bike, the MTA and health care https://t.co/bFTBcfuNr9 https://t.co/qjIvoN9a9Q
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RT @keepnhspublic: Special measures trusts forced to pay higher interest on bailouts 6% charged by our very own Dept of Health https://t.co/YbHgN6y2Jt
RT @jeffayton: Reflecting #TRHC17 Status Quo unacceptable- poor rural health outcomes - #Timeforstepchange. #ruralgeneralist @ACRRM @ACRRM_FGC
"GUIDE TO NUTRITIONAL AND HERBAL REMEDIES" on The Periled Sea: https://t.co/reLSBnT3tW
RT @Travon: Obama: "And then he said pass his bill or keep Obamacare!" Hillary: "who knew health care could be so hard!"… https://t.co/eMBzixOFt0
RT @nytimes: The latest: President Trump blames Democrats as House Republicans pulled their health care bill from consideration https://t.co/9xOjmDbcyd
RT @TomPerez: Wish I coulda had Keith on the road with me today but he had to #KilltheBill and help save health care for 24 milli… https://t.co/f3pt6ryp7W
RT @NIHRCRN_tvsm: Fantastic talk by Emma Lowe of the NIHR on NHS health research and changing regulations and governance #tvsmcrn https://t.co/tojc3PA5eN
RT @ananavarro: Stalled travel ban. Wire-tap lie revealed. Investigation on Russia ties. Health-care debacle. Trump must be getting really tired of winning.
RT @JessikaJayne: Hillary Clintons August 2007 About Mental Health “People Need To Realize The Brain Is An Organ Just Like The Heart… https://t.co/XkRt9FE2EO
RT @CBSNews: Collapse of GOP health care bill prompts gleeful reactions from Democrats on social media https://t.co/WP1M20991z https://t.co/YDTi5x3h0F
RT @MadPricee: When will everyone realize that mental health is just as important as physical health?
RT @nalisaaa: If husbands are upset over missing breasts than her health, honestly, truly, it's time to go to court & sign those… https://t.co/X8ThkGUXdC
RT @Maggie_Klaus: In case you wanted to know, this is how it looks when you pass a health care bill. #thanksObama https://t.co/xSSDAHv5De
@StacyDragila HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wish you much blessings of Love, Peace, Happiness, & Great Health always! Hope it's a fun-filled day!!
RT @tonyposnanski: Don't blame the Democrats for the Health Care vote being postponed... Blame the horrible bill and people with integrity voting against it.