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RT @The_Josiekitten: @timsacks @AllRunnersHere @sacks_jo Remember you're a Womble for Rowley 😂😂😂
RT @yashar: Time Magazine: Pretty wife of famous actor shows up at the UN for some reason AP: Serious woman at UN to talk abo… https://t.co/etJ94gAdCK
@lizbilney the guy is a europhile cock womble!
RT @jonathanalter: Any pundit who ever again praises Paul Ryan's brain and policy chops after this pathetically inept health care bill should leave journalism.
RT @garymasonglobe: Elections BC has referred lobby donations matter exposed by Globe and Mail to the RCMP. They will have resources to properly investigate
RT @MattBellassai: there's a west elm pillow color called Dusty Rhubarb and i can't believe finding my drag name was this easy
Legit in top of the world right now!
This bich change gears
And here we go New York!
Airplane sound like a Chevy when it crank up😂😂
About to loose 20lbs for my next flight 😂😂😂😂
This bitch moving
RT @GoLaurens: GCO teacher Marcia Womble named one of five finalists for SC Teacher of the Year. https://t.co/sVi67PAJtY
@ChampagneSosa_ ayyeee joe broke his phone but we still here waiting on you
RT @GoLaurens: Womble named one of five finalists for SC Teacher of the Year https://t.co/CuOPIKTc67