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@Aaron_Fuller1 @RitaPanahi you're so smart right? You're not a Womble rummaging in mental garbage, right? Not you...
@Fire_Womble @benjam3000 are u kidding he's an ICON
RT @LovLikeJesus: RT: If you Praise and Honor Him.
RT @MallowNews: "Twelve cod n chips. 20 scampi boxes. 2 prosciuttos. 5 salad burgers. 9 Spice burgers...and a Diet Coke" https://t.co/BeX21G2DBl
RT @SovietWomble: Merry Christmas from womble and lulu https://t.co/6ZFPjm4O3U
RT @femaleIife: this is a rare pink banana rt for good luck in 2017 https://t.co/Mc8aI8t6c8
RT @21savage: bitch ass niggas need to pull y'all panties up acting like hoes
RT @dylancrac3: Once again I'm sorry if you weren't at my house tonight😂😉