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RT @JasonHall1289: Zedrick Woods took Lennox McAfee to Suplex City #SEC #HottyToddy #Wofford https://t.co/3ffeyq7go6
RT @whitneylynn_m: 1 year difference, haha a lot can change in a year https://t.co/qaweTbdxce
RT @HHSInstruction: Congrats @janelleganske, Scott Wofford, Grant Wiegert, & Sarah Allen Ray this month's YOU KICK BURRO winners! https://t.co/NxHClAHxKN
Wofford Terriers ... has just been added to our store. Get it here while still available https://t.co/UKOxVPoesI
RT @KanyeGoat: do what you gotta do to be happy
RT @twituserkay: Always rting cute rings to hint to the boyfriend I don't have LOL
@molly_wofford best advice I've heard in awhile
@SarahxOrsburn break into her room and shit on her desk
RT @noah_choah1212: high key tired of wasting my time
@CowboysRFF @pistolsguy Tickets from the Ole Miss v Wofford game last Saturday. Salt in the wounds. https://t.co/5wlKOAP1Du
RT @BradLoganCOTE: #OleMiss students Lock the Vaught prior to the Wofford game. @… https://t.co/ef5iapwoC8
While y'all are up, I did a little story about a few Wofford fans in the Grove on Saturday. Wait till the last line https://t.co/22FvozVD3t
RT @sheinztime: Eventually you’ll end up where you need to be, with who you’re meant to be with, and doing what you should be doing. patience is the key tho
people saying "all lives matter" at wofford college count-1
well this made me want to cry https://t.co/8mnYvnEk0Z
@jb_eary WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE MANNNNN!!!!! https://t.co/nAkqmBoxrZ
@Pac12Network:… Oh. That "hiccup" after a 2yr hiatus after being wrongfully booted from @Wofford_FB? Yeah, 20 touches, 160yds, & 4TDs in…