Tweets about a recent trend: Woahhh

Woahhh! I logged back on after awhile and got a ton of notifications for that butt scratching tweet! Y'all like butts a looott
@BlakeWinsPerf @kbkinderparty yeah I got on the mic like "woahhh relax there guy"
Woahhh these two is no joke havdybahfhs Wooseok is in Yuto's arm and they even hold hands like that what is this https://t.co/fWUA9kC0G7
Woahhh 👇👏👏👏😂 https://t.co/i6TzQx6ZdS
@grantmeder @woahhh that's a false narrative pushed by corporate America to devalue people and justify slave labor wages
My bf started his sleeve today & everytime I look at him I'm just like woahhh😍😍❤️
Woahhh Jongsuk 😍😍😍😍😍
@divinetechygirl woahhh okay just noticed the whole 16 years thing. yeah this is a terrible idea.
@yunchantreasure woahhh thats cool to hear that! im proud to be an ikonic too
RT @leyton_mclisse: woahhh may rock version pala ang famous fpjap themesong! go kuya coco! #ShowtimeDecemberTreats https://t.co/q85kpqGxKq
RT @Taniya_Elliott: Woahhh 😨😍😍17 never looked so good 👑✨😍 https://t.co/Eux2qB073U
Woahhh 😨😍😍17 never looked so good 👑✨😍 https://t.co/Eux2qB073U