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8k sahod woahhh
@Aphrxdh *hug you tight* woahhh.....how can you become so warm like this? Huh? *puppy eyes*
woahhh.. i miss bangtantv.. hahaha [Episode] BTS 'Spring Day' MV Shooting Sketch https://t.co/LsnSi93091 via @YouTube
RT @ArianaGrande: Woahhh I have 5000 followers now :) I love you guys so much!! Will you all be my Valentines?
RT @kylevetrano: "O shit totally gettin trippy visuals rn" "Shut ur damn mouth bill important people are watching" "woahhh whered yo… https://t.co/z3NPl5JHqa
This boyyyyy woahhh 🙄😍
@BIGKINO98 woahhh aiseukrimeu/?*-* xiao ambil semuanya boleh? Wkwkkk🔫 Iyapp yapp permen kino
WOAHHH! Thanks for the chocolates and the flowers, Myoui>__< Happy Valentine's Day to JYP's Black Swan!❤ https://t.co/AlK6EWECGY
Omg omg, ahhhhh, I'm so proud of you ahhhh, that's such an amazing opportunity, woahhh, Good luck ☘️❤ https://t.co/0KgC99rmYn
Beep beep beep otomen bertukar woahhh #marshmallow https://t.co/yAuHj2BCri
@songofalchemy woahhh you didn't need to work so hard to make a friends list just bc you met them online !! but it's so kind of you to put
Woahhh! Success HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Lab u!💗 https://t.co/zhPjpDIXDP
RT @mrsjaehyun: woahhh so many screaming girls my babies are famous ✨ https://t.co/Nb8aT8OKn9
@mxriff_ woahhh is this ariff? Aww :') you rarely talk like that hahaha
RT @Daddy_pooh02: @TerryWrightJr2 I'm sitting here like woahhh she had that baby whole face pink 😭
RT @CynthiaMLopez16: Woahhh amber is the color of your energy 🎼