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RT @SkyeTownsend: God provides where God guides.
RT @SkyeTownsend: Too focused on the bigger picture to let anything toxic or inauthentic cloud my vision or stop my grind.
RT @DearYouFromWe: never content. always curious. always growing.
RT @DearYouFromWe: the key to it all is prayer.
RT @DearYouFromWe: focus on yourself. perfect your craft. pray for prosperity. go hard for the things & people you love. move in silence. stay positive, always
Wait tell the madness begins in 3 weeks dropping racks in Vegas then MLB is next up my best sport then WNBA money n… https://t.co/yGWnBu8pjx
RT @tiaramvrie: She half superwoman, but she down to earth.
I've been staring at this for hours speechless, in college and even the @WNBA this would be called good defense.. https://t.co/ov4pOa2zSl
RT @missashton_: I live for a nice cold shower after an intense workout.
RT @theweeknd: as long as we both know.
RT @missashton_: Good girl, got her mind right she been raised right.
RT @peachylilthing: Invest in skin care before you invest in makeup
RT @6LACK: out here tryna impress myself
RT @Jeopardy: Who is your favorite of these ATHLETES IN THE HEADLINES? @Kaepernick7, @StephenCurry30, @WNBA, @dak, @KrisBryant_23… https://t.co/FN0XgOdni5
RT @romanrochelle: Do not shit on someone's happiness or confidence or anything based on the lack of your own insecurities and misfortunes
RT @SkyeTownsend: When you find something pure & real & rare, don't get distracted by what everyone else may have. I'll take sincerity over flowers any day.
I wouldn't smash a chick that's taller then me. I don't like WNBA bitches.
@debbieantonelli on Shandricka Sessom: "She has @WNBA athleticism" We think so too, Debbie! 💪🏼💪🏼💙🏀❤️
RT @EricPincus: WNBA MVP NNeka Ogwumike extended her contract w/the Sparks
#WeLoveLA #LASparks WNBA MVP Nneka Ogwumike Extends Contract with Los Angeles Sparks https://t.co/5usMaRZsLs #SportsRoadhouse
RT @Jeopardy: Who is your favorite of these ATHLETES IN THE HEADLINES? @Kaepernick7, @StephenCurry30, @WNBA, @dak, @KrisBryant_23… https://t.co/FN0XgOdni5
Elena Delle Donne evlilik hazırlıklarına başlamış. #TheKnot #WNBA https://t.co/pBgSTxfxp3