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i love my giants omg future wnba champions https://t.co/lAjIe7yzah
RT @AlexandriaMorgz: A guy at the gym just asked me if I was in the WNBA...
Could Deion Sanders dominate @WNBA right now?
She was too slaw to go to the WNBA 🤔 https://t.co/wcfWbb9Eit
@Iamkatmack since when were you in the WNBA ? Lol
@_QveenMyaa They Have To Be On Small Feet Tho😭 Can't Be No WNBA ass Mfs Wearing Em
Nick and Vanessa 4 months tops
@shaymitch I mean these fuckin fruits WNBA three some have the bitch choke on the dick while look me in the eyes!
RT @OMGItsBirdman: If I have a son I might make him transgender too nigga gonna be the best player the WNBA has ever seen
RT @minnesotalynx: Coach Reeve talks new assistant coach James Wade, what Jim Petersen meant to the team, and more. 📻:… https://t.co/MZd0MzJNho
@maddow Time for you to "reassigned" to cover WNBA games for NBC. Your career is over!
RT @SumNegro: @Mr_Clean420 imma give her the WNBA year off injury
RT @warriorschoke: #LaVarBallSays that all three of his sons will win the WNBA championship
@Mr_Clean420 imma give her the WNBA year off injury
#LaVarBallSays that all three of his sons will win the WNBA championship
@maddow let's hope PRESIDENT TRUMP files charges against WNBA Maddow
@VanJones68 hey van why not join the party looks like PRESIDENT TRUMP Is WINNING YOU OVER? Leave Maddow, and her WN… https://t.co/ukSlglIObD
@maddow look buddy... you tried!!! Its over!!! You need to get a Starbucks chai latte and curl up in front of a "good" WNBA game.
RT @minnesotalynx: It's time to fill out your bracket! Enter our 2017 Lynx Bracket Challenge for your chance to meet a Lynx player! ⏩… https://t.co/aDuBe3l0G0
@maddow and that's the last we will hear from this dumb twat! Hey Rachel why not coach on a WNBA team? You fit C