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RT @oddsockstweets: On #worldtheatreday we can finally announce we'll be touring THE WIZARD OF OZ from November 2017! See you on the ye… https://t.co/uXF1mknhbl
@PragmaticLabour @Wizard_of_loz but not even all Tory policy is bad. Don't think LD will be following much of the new far right element.
RT @tinvafla: Когда слишком клика и везде видишь отсылки https://t.co/GTGIzhRtbg
RT @qryuu: ハッカーとかプログラマーの尊称にwizardとあるけど サポートエンジニアの場合はエスパーとかサイコメトラーとかどうだろうか
RT @finielse: «—Я устал от этого. —Я хочу быть в порядке» https://t.co/3cJlNmgUvx
Harry Potter as a derivative work! @opencontent presenting 'A Wizard of Earthsea" to #OEORangers as a disappearing… https://t.co/FqEjNCyumJ
@WIZARD_white_ うんうん!!ためになった!!実践するまでほんとに読んだとは言えないから実践続ける!笑
RT @TheHPFacts: Happy birthday to “Prongs”, aka James Potter, loyal Order of the Phoenix member… and our favorite wizard’s dad.… https://t.co/k08MyOwPHt
Random Pic of The Day-Wizard World Philadelphia, 2015 https://t.co/lbBXq7h5Tz https://t.co/deAnk6h69S
RT @JHWeissmann: This is all a reminder that 2009-era Nancy Pelosi was basically a goddamn wizard.
@DandoisCindy You're fighting on the KC card now!??
@Wizard_of_loz @UnrelentingEgo it's alright I'll take it down now.. Schoolboy error.. x
You are a wizard Harry 💫 https://t.co/2o0WP2hOIW
RT @getadronedotcom: Fly off into the sunset today with your very own #Yuneec #Typhoon H, find it in our store and in stock now!… https://t.co/MTGNmPBKzO
@WIZARD_white_ いや、こちらこそ 色々相談乗ってもらっています┏●
Weit unter OECD-Durchschnitt: Deutschland bleibt Glasfaser-Entwicklungsland https://t.co/9lbvmtF4bv via @t3n
RT @Goal_com_France: Deschamps : "Zidane va finir par être le sélectionneur de la France" https://t.co/A7XRVZ6LvA https://t.co/STBsw5PG5L