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RT @amhistorymuseum: We’re somewhere over the rainbow! 🌈 Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers return to display on Friday, Oct. 19. Our conservators… https://t.co/Mjel2qxzks
Today I spent far more time than I probably should have on Twitter, just shooting the shit with people. And it was… https://t.co/LYrpXvOA9G
RT @fergushunter: NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane has deleted this tweet linking to the website of former KKK grand wizard David Duk… https://t.co/lHN6EwIBhf
RT @atnmedias: Young Ariana singing “The Wizard and I” (which she got to sing today at the #Wicked15 concert) https://t.co/BT5PcRdKcP
This is also true The entire plot of Wizard of Oz is about women beefing with one another. Nobody thinks about tha… https://t.co/XfUjGSjXCe
@amanebunke ええ、とてもうるさいわ。自覚していないことがおかしいくらいにね。
RT @KTHopkins: Watch the two guys in white t-shirts. Apparently paying those joining the #CaravanaMigrante. Who is funding this at… https://t.co/2bLNxSs57b
@13bsr20rb26 恐らく(笑) 移動代だけでお酒飲めそうですねw
Starships, Sabers, And Scoundrels #65.2: That’s So Wizard! https://t.co/BHKXJXZNpQ
The new CEO at the Distilled Spirits Council is industry veteran and government affairs wizard Chris Swonger... The… https://t.co/2EsPdJLYtl
RT @domislivenews: Mama raised a soldier
@REMAIN_CAMPAIGN @acgrayling @BBCr4today Ex pinball wizard is just plain wrong. Entitled to his view which seems c… https://t.co/3Kw9Mpz5OM
@Ssnyder1835 The Wizard of Oz; The Princess Bride; Caddyshack; Stripes; It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World; Mr Saturday Night; 42...
RT @artdisease: dorothy waking up at the end of the wizard of oz https://t.co/381jRuyOr4
RT @T_taL_A: 강의실 폐쇄됨 ㅋ ㅋ ㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋ https://t.co/JrEX5p8Acv
Today's review is of @hankgreen's new book, "An Absolutely Remarkable Thing" and you should be reading it. If you n… https://t.co/qyoFPdfUsF
@bravoart You look like a wizard... One that's gonna cast a rather unpleasant spell on someone if they don't get him a warm beverage pronto
@viad_a Será que eu tenho como conseguir uma bolsa de 100% na Wizard, queria ter um diplominha que aí eu podia dar aula particular
@JohnAtyxyt "Yeah I don't know a Kevin from Richmond, sorry!"
RT @GiftedAsia: @iamduanus You are absolutely correct! The exploitation of children - especially the sexual exploitation - was wild… https://t.co/Pwwqgrkqg6
@oliverbcampbell Don't forget Rhe Wizard of Oz is just a fight between women over a pair of shoes