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Noooooo, "Just Harry". You are a wizard.
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@allegralovelace hvfdjhjd he can communicate with most of the living creatures. he is so used to them. He is scared… https://t.co/tGj3LH7elu
RT @WizarD_yuuu: 今日も15時から待ってます。 あと、多分25入れそうです。浴衣着ます。 https://t.co/2D44RezMJw
RT @WizarD_ryo_: 今日はオープンから出勤! 会いに来てねー(o^^o) https://t.co/ZgAcfV6yhx
RT @WizarD_marin: メイン坊やいきます。お待ちしておる°ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ°. https://t.co/VrB9KqODpB
RT @WizarD_yua_: いる₍ ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎💭 19時までしか居られないから時間みじかいけどダッシュで き、て、ね💗🔪👑 https://t.co/3aW1dkicX3
@wizard_bitch not saying it’s bad it was just interesting to be able to bring a suitcase full of beer to a venue one time lol
RT @shimotsuki_1125: @wizard_chicken 地域と名前が出りゃ次は住所と会社ですかね、、、 こういう人間には住みづらい世の中でいいと思います。
...Eh? You're scouting me to be an idol? Isn't that like that wizard who turns girls into magical girls?
RT @CyrilleEifallyn: Eiva got a new spell. She can now alternate her appearance 👀😂 #dnd5e #necromancer #wizard #eiva #torrin… https://t.co/kNx5iXpkhx
@hangsanghere @nkkogi @AnnaHanaManaMin @AnnaKim_3190 @Ilbtops_16 @army_line_ @an_experience @anny_wizard Ну уж простите😂😂😂😂
RT @mrmarkmillar: Thank you for the amazing response to @themagicorder #3 this week. If I'd known how much people wanted an evil wiza… https://t.co/TzIP6gn39X
いる₍ ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎💭 19時までしか居られないから時間みじかいけどダッシュで き、て、ね💗🔪👑 https://t.co/3aW1dkicX3
@RupertTitch You already ARE a wizard. The magic has always been inside you.
Update on Wizard World Chicago appearances (or lack thereof) for Outlander cast members. https://t.co/WysAPAl7VX
the cutest wizard of hufflepuff https://t.co/AthQuPKL2K