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RT @ijenae: #BlackWizardHistory day 7: headcannon about the black wizard community! The legend of Medusa was probably born fr… https://t.co/Q97RcEg6uR
@LucyMangan @rufusjones1 @JasonHazeley The more closely you listen to the Bod stings, the more detail is in them, l… https://t.co/wDI1FRje4C
Bought myself this hoodie from a kinda shady website and it's a bit tight but I don't care cause I look like a wiza… https://t.co/Z5d5BtUJLF
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RT @twentythre3: #BlackWizardHistory Day 14: A Black Spell Comida Qualiticious- a spell that discreetly tells you who cooked what at… https://t.co/CWAmB1QKEC
Doodled a #魔女集会で会いましょう AU with me and my friend's octp just cause I wanna keep drawing for this tag XDD Fran (litt… https://t.co/xKDtILd5cU
@ciliegio_dolce @BadBikerRabbit Значит на глупого северного крестьянина не тяну? Ха, хорошо.
Enter This Winner's Choice Xbox One S or PS4 and Wizard DG Swag Bag Giveaway! https://t.co/V3QpXkCsxE
@Chisato_Wizard そうか!一推しは会長でしたね👍 メロンパン美味しそう!!
sippin on sizzurp 💧 bitch I go bizzerk neck froze like a blizzard ❄️ I go to wizzork I’m not from those izzearth on god ima wizard 🤟🏾
@Chisato_Wizard 渚さんの誕生日にケーキ用意したり、今回はメロンパン用意したり、チサートが全力でガチオタなところ好感が持てる
Ееее, стрипух в саяны вернули😂
So I found that prompt from a while back, "a bumbling wizard's apprentice". Well... I'll just leave this here. https://t.co/l6ZBwIKadR
Alright, if nothing else, I now have an order in which to draw the NPCs, starting with the Wood Elf monk Tharyel. T… https://t.co/jAw8AB9P47
RT @TheGoodGodAbove: Thoughts and prayers won't do anything. The invisible sky wizard isn't going to fix this. You have to help yourselves out as humans.
That’s it. I’ve done it. I love how @AndyDayTV fought tooth and nail but @HEYDUGGEE has my heart! #cbeebiesworldcuphttps://t.co/MOoLhVo3c6
@janetkoch406 His obsessive self aggrandizing and hatred of Obama was to ruin or dismantle anything he did. The Gra… https://t.co/xbXP7KhQpM
@Chisato_Wizard 食べたくなってきた………((((;゜Д゜)))
RT @TheRealVoiceMel: If you haven't heard, guess who's the new night guy on The Wizard? That's right, this guy!… https://t.co/f8uDfcMrSA