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I love that she can just sing without gimmicks...just stand there and sangggggg. #adelenyc
I can't lie...the Reigns vs Sheamus #tlc match was stiff, brutal, & entertaining as hell. Not sure what to expect now without gimmicks. #raw
move without gimmicks
@edenisgod without gimmicks take your Jon Moxley and come one on one with Kevin Steen and you will get your ass handed to you
@realjoeswash @TheXFactor you're right Joe, shite, vote pinching.... Louisa to WIN without gimmicks. Shit song though. #xfactorfinal
@lorenzo_masci @jimmypeo17 @SportsTherapy56 It would only say what the current lit says. We're just acting on it honestly & without gimmicks
Love following #jftcrew. Constant demo of the highest level athletic excellence without gimmicks but WITH fun. 👏 https://t.co/Y8U1K8hVQQ
@adage @sprintnews @marceloclaure good luck in your position. Hope that we see more loyalty programs without gimmicks @sprintcare @sprint
What would life be without gimmicks?
Nom or not, K really made 2015 her bitch without gimmicks, selling merchandise, PR'ing herself at every opportunity, hiring photographers...
Good products move without gimmicks...
@wgpnta @Wrathicon @_Twitfacts @ForIamPJ @Shaithis1404 @Mike_Hasu then go ahead and breathe fire on film. Without gimmicks. Prove it.