With Or Without You

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RT @alexamsberg: I can't say I'd be ok without you
You distract me but I'm distracted without you
I'm dying without you...slowly but surely...I miss you so much...but you don't care...your great without me...but I'm dead without you 😭😥 @
RT @sookie_grace: 🆘THIS COULD BE THE LAST MORNING THESE ANIMALS SEE WITHOUT YOU #FortWorth #TX #Adopt #Rescue #Foster TAG NOW 2SAVE… https://t.co/euUiU0ZsPh
It feels a lot colder without you here! 😩
RT @haetbitmark: [T] bambam1a: I really can't live without you Yugyeom-ah ㅋㅋ https://t.co/pPX4bxyLDG
I just 🍩 know what I'd do without you https://t.co/MrCvRHko1b
@andypollin1 Been listening for a long time. Best of luck. 980 is diminished without you
without you I got nothing to lose
RT @FelixMo62587464: I missed you A day without you and I missed you much I missed you your craziness your wild poetry and everything in between I missed you
Missing my dad today ❤❤❤ 11 years without you. Steven Charles Merchant 1964-2006. https://t.co/OWBvtNfk4K
Without you I feel uneven, make every day our love season
@jaehten without you aoa
RT @1MeLrO: Ya well I'm going to have sex one of these days With or without you! And that's how I made him go to bed and I got the remote back
RT @realrandz: Ignoring me isn't doing anything but teaching me how to live without you
"Thank you all for your support. We couldn’t have gotten here without you all. SNSD HWAITING!!!" -SNSD
RT @hannahbeefit: A GOOD coach will bring you in conditioned properly without you spending 16 weeks eating below 1200 calories. DO YOUR RESEARCH.
@LBCCCoachDeLeon thank you guys so much for making my dream become a reality! Couldn't have done it without you guys! #LBCC
RT @notBrethomas: Do you ever feel like the world would be better off without you? But you have to live so you're not rly living, just surviving?
all my dreams and all the lights mean nothing without you
RT @NjabsTheBaptist: Your ex told you they can't live without you mara ba sase khona 😔
There's nothing in this world that I will love more then you pup. I knew coming home without you… https://t.co/L37nLOXZUY
RT @antglizzygg: I Don't Care Who Fuck With Me Or Who Don't Ima Be Me Without You
i can't do this thing called life without you here with me