With Or Without You

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RT @juicewrId: @justinsuntron We could not do this without you.
@RosalynSphinx Beautiful, with or without you are beautiful
RT @Ade_Nurayn: And for Bukola Saraki, Melaye, Atunwa, and co, we just bagged Ekiti without you forever regressive, greedy, padders… https://t.co/AqWJalpsoc
“Dear Mr. Chubby Shindong Hee, I want to know why are you so gorgeous? You are my laugh-maker. Without you, I can’t laugh this often.”
RT @VictoriaBoca: I’m better without you
RT @BTS_Stargirl: Without you, There’s no longer summer anymore #NamJin #summernamjin18 https://t.co/FyYN65EVPh
My life is fully fucked up and without you to guide me, I Trully don’t know what in the actual hell Im going to do.
RT @Mudblood__A: We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for having our back. 🙏🏼 #ถ้ำหลวง #13ชีวิตรอดแล้ว #พาทีมหมูป่ากลับบ้าน… https://t.co/ZWV1iYsE3p
RT @StOlavesPrep: Another busy weekend for #StoGardeners finally finishing our second allotment plot. Picked our first courgettes rea… https://t.co/fqP2s22JOg
Can’t but help but share what my life is like without you in it I drive my dream truck I have a camp trailer and I’… https://t.co/jAF5oM25uL
@BunniBuu Well, in certain styles of singing/music, I thought vibrato should actually happen naturally without you… https://t.co/KQwN1Ilgq9
RT @isaiahthomas: It’s not the same without you Chyna... Damn i miss you!
I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you  I know you were right believing for so long  I'm all out of love, wha… https://t.co/PoG2klzxNU
RT @BigWordKomphela: Special shoutout to our mothers, fathers and other parental figures who are always available to support us and guid… https://t.co/Q1RU50dTSI
Nothing Without You Intro suddenly played on my playlist and I straight up cried help
RT @clarissafltchr: Maybe one day she’ll feel whole again, even without you.
RT @urbabykara: you blocked me so you couldn’t see me doing good without you
Your life must surely be ending and trembling You realize you never lived a day at all (Wait) And it's all your fau… https://t.co/NmELruPzz7
RT @veautiful4u: "ARMY is water. I can't live without you" ~park jimin #JiminWorldwideLoved @BTS_twt https://t.co/qE1UerTY7f
RT @velvet_sese: This concert couldn’t have been possible without you luvies. @SMTOWNGLOBAL #dafBAMA2018RedVelvet #RedVelvet… https://t.co/nVwe4lHbCA
RT @901myles_: Mark my words Ima ball without you. 💯
this is not a drill: @YoungOutlaw23 and i meet in 4 hours after knowing eachother for almost two years, we are abou… https://t.co/8GQcNY1jC1
RT @spiermintgreen: i’ve been watching @AmazingPhil for the past 3 years and for all these years you’ve been a happy place for me whene… https://t.co/hgJrIeCK7d