With Or Without You

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RT @Kesse_GH: Please When u start to realize people have moved on without you. Accept it and move on. Don't go on social media and become a poet...
@Scott007Scott I don’t have massive feet 😩😩 oh I’m sure your perfect gooby! Can’t write a tweet without you pipeing up xx
RT @youngbabycoco: my eyebrows fell out again, my hair may be gone but I’m not !!!!! thank you so much for all the love you’ve all sen… https://t.co/gKMn04LZg9
#NowPlaying KolleKtion - Nothing Without You on #254jazz.com
RT @LILPEEPAHR: bother me, tell me awful things. you know i love it when you do that, helps me get through this without you 💔
RT @bob_burrell: Thank you Donald Trump and NRA ... you are inspiring the youth of America! You have made racism OK and insured Raci… https://t.co/a3GTnI5M8N
나도 nothing without you 무대 보고싶다 약간 빗소리같은 반주랑 낮게 읊조리는 단이엘 목소리 너무 좋아 171202 멜론뮤직어워드 Nothing Without You + Beautiful /… https://t.co/E8V9iKhwfm
RT @alzheimerssoc: On #VolunteerRecognitionDay we'd like to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers, whatever your role. We couldn'… https://t.co/QwXDkP5Ux3
RT @flowersnfire: no matter what i do i’m no good without you
RT @bunnytaeguk: Namjoon: “J-Hope has done something great. He always brings the party to life.” Taehyung: “Without you, BTS wouldn’… https://t.co/ZkzmE0TvQq
WANNA-ONE NOTHING WITHOUT YOU 譲) カレンダー→ウジン トレカ→ジソン 求) ダニエル その他相談!! (他のメンバーの方も検討します) https://t.co/XDcEt8ccxh
Even if it was 8 years ago now, my heart still breaks a little more each year without you
RT @LoouiseDavidson: Not much worse than starting a series with someone and they watch episodes without you, ultimate betrayal right there
RT @MisterHugotero: Dear phone, I drop you. I throw you. I forget about you, but... I can’t live without you. Sincerely, Me
It’s become a habit for me to have you by my side I can’t be without you Alone in the rain - Umbrella
RT @jaffarstrawi: I gotta learn love without you
RT @_ArtsLover: My life gon be good with or without you. Lol.
RT @nicoleendyann: @mainedcm Bes i can't live if living is without you https://t.co/avuNREU9Ah
RT @alexshaaa_: do NOT put pressure on a nigga to act right, too many out here willing to give it all, without you having to ask.
RT @WannaOne_twt: [#워너원데이] '1-1=0 (Nothing Without You)'로 돌아온 워너원의 첫 번째 컴백무대!! 컴백쇼 완료🎉 음원 사이트 1등🎉 이번 앨범 활동도 #Beautiful 한 우리 워너블과 좋은 추… https://t.co/Oga0aG6r7I
@SnehaSenn Without you the winner is impossible if you find you together make every impossible is possible.
RT @langleav: I will celebrate this life of mine, with or without you. The moon does not need the sun to tell her she is already whole.