RT @astro_kimbrough: Incredible view out of the @Space_Station windows this morning - Northern Lights #aurora. #MondayMotivation
RT @ForeverLAS_: Redbone & Passionfruit with the windows down all Summer 17.
Facebook Akan Hentikan Dukungan Messenger untuk Windows Phone 8.1
RT @NBCNewYork: #NYPD detective peeked through windows with a flashlight, exposed himself to teen girls, police say…
Thats my girl in the passenger seat windows down dancin around Causin a scene thats my girl sippin crown & sprite in a ball cap turned back
RT @HelpingKidsRise: Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors: Why #WeNeedDiverseBooks #ReadYourWorld #KidLit
yo listening to Look at me with the windows down people look at you so crazy 😂😂😂
RT @jordanmcglumph: Dogs with their heads out the windows are like celebrities to me when I'm driving.
OUR DIRT HOUSE w/ Jacko | Cheerly Realms (Minecraft Windows 10 Edition): via @YouTube
RT @alyssakate_96: Country music w/ the windows down kinda day☀️🎶🇺🇸
@x0Bloot push windows ... ... pop push linux :)
*Friend and I blankly staring at a couple making out in a study room* They know there are windows right??? Like that's not a private room...
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is it legal for someone to smash a car window when there is a dog in it & the windows are all the way up????
Microsoft Windows: Transformer son ordinateur en hotspot wifi #hotspotwifi #Internet
RT @drewnasty97: who put the windows sound effects on this 😭😂
@princesapamps olha só a potência dessa máquina. Com um desses você fica em dia com tudo e faz check-in no futuro:…
La herramienta definitiva para reparar los errores de iTunes en Windows
Adicionei um vídeo a uma playlist @YouTube Tux Linux vs Windows
"Telegram atualiza com várias novidades para Windows 10 Mobile; veja mudanças" #tecnologia #feedly
これは便利かも!Windows 10タブレットをサブディスプレイ化する方法 @DIME_HACKSさんから
RT @johnna_mp: bonfires, zoo trips, baseball games, lake days, camping, drive ins, zip lining, go karts, driving with the windows down summer wya?
beaie potential I love to insta rust it and keep it under wraps aw damn sense since he won he pbases out of windows and off
Trying to stay awake for one more hour. Then bed for the night. So excited to just sleep with the windows open:)