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This wind is actin crazy!
Yanma (86.7%) Wing Attack/Silver Wind 11/14/14 (ATK/DEF/STA) Despawns at 20:37:38
7. Queer folk who wind up reproducing the very violence committed against them in an attempt not to dissolve the original hierarchies
T-1.6° C H 97 pct Dew -2.0° C QFE 835.3 QNH 1025.5 hPa Wind: Dir 214° 1.8 km/h AVG 2.5 km/h Rain 0.0 mm/h
RT @ABCemergency: The wind movements as #CycloneDebbie makes landfall between #Bowen and #Proserpine in #NthQld. Latest warning:…
Weather at 8:10 PM Temp 66.3 Humidity 32 Wind 6.7 Direction NW Barometer 29.919 Daily Rain 0.00 Month Rain 0.220 Year Rain 15.587
jungkook is listening to your name ost sparkle and pocahontas colors of the wind? YES
If you haven't heard about this case, you should:
Wind 0.0 kts ---. Barometer 1006.3 mb, Steady. Temperature 26.1 °C. Rain today 0.0 mm. Humidity 10%
@TyrianCallows Palms fell upon her hips as the wind slowly exiting her maw began to open conversation. In an eccentric poetic--
Tim McGraw - Watch the Wind Blow By
Wind 0,8 km/h SE. Barometer 996,1 hPa, Rising slowly. Temperature 15,4 °C. Rain today 0,0 mm. Humidity 50%
RT @ABCemergency: The wind movements as #CycloneDebbie makes landfall between #Bowen and #Proserpine in #NthQld. Latest warning:…
04:11: Temperature 4.7c. Wind 0.8mph SE. Barometer 1014.23 hPa, Falling. Rain today 0.0 mm. Humidity 91%, Dewpoint 3.4c. #iwn
I guess I'll enjoy the wind while its here. this weather bipolar
few clouds -> haze humidity up 62% -> 76% wind 17mph -> 14mph
If I move to your state maybe I'll run for your seat. Because apparently drunk monkeys pissing in the wind are exti…
Wind 5.7 mph ESE. Barometer 29.910 in, Falling slowly. Temperature 56.9 °F. Rain today 0.00 in. Humidity 83%
RT @ochacha181: こんにちは〜( ´͈ ᐜ `͈ ) 最近VG復帰したので、色々教えてもらえたらと思っています。 主にペイルムーン(銀の茨)とエンジェルフェザー(ノキエル)を使っています! よろしくお願いします( ๑ớωớ๑)و…
Weather now: overcast clouds, 57°F, 7 mph north-northeast wind.
Weather now: light rain, 10°C, 8 km/h south-southwest wind.
Second Wind by Maren Morris👊🏼 boom bitches
Weather now: overcast clouds, 52°F, 8 mph north wind.