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23:22h Temperature: 84.0°F, Wind:0.0 mph ESE, Rain Rate:0.0 in./hr.
RT @sofia_gladun: I’m gonna look bomb af tomorrow and then cycle through my leggings, wind breakers, and sweaters for the rest of the year
@wind_lotus 伊斯兰教也是教会 好吧
RT @Dieu0108: 헐 이거 넘모 신기해..... 대한 독립 만세!!! #광복73주년 #광복절
RT @philklotzbach: Latest output from the Climate Forecast System model calls for above-average vertical wind shear in the Caribbean a…
@_wind_bell_ キャンプ場にたくさん人がいましたけどそんなにいい場所なんすか?めっちゃ気になってます
Weather in Townsville: 25.4° Celsius. 45% Relative Humidity. Wind ENE at 11 knots. #townsville #townsvilleshines
RT @Ookay: Paint with all the colors of the wind.
9pm: Mainly Clear, 22.2C, S 19km/h. Tue 14: Clearing late this evening, Widespread smoke late this evening and over…
RT @Lautxvillarruel: Don't you know, the cold and wind and rain don't know, they only seem to come and go away. 🍃
私見ですが、、角谷をデフォルトで花単で4積むなら、構築から変わると思います。そちらも面白そうですが。 逆にいうとそれだけの付加価値を求めるべきかと。
It has a memory card containing the names of 1.1M people (including yours truly), pics of Eugene Parker, a copy of…
RT @hitoaji1: 【東の名探偵のここがすごい!!】 簡単にまとめたよ。
RT @bijalpatelmayor: Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died to protect…
Update van: wo. 15-08-2018 om 05:21 uur: Temp. 16,1°C, Lv: 93%, Ldr: 1016,6hPa, Neerslag tot.: 0,0 mm. Wind(gem): 0,1m/s =0 Bft. uit ZZO.
Storm's coming so I'm leaving. A beautiful lightning show in the distance, sprinkles, and the wind. ✌️
you know when the wind does the blowy thing and the leaves on the ground blow in a circle and you feel halloween in your heart
With over 600 fires in bc and the wind gusts, it’s even smokier today than it has been in a week. Praying it all ends fast 🔥🤞🏼
@lcdiescde IM SORRY BUT SOME PEOPLE... person: throws a plastic waterbottle in the trash, doesnt clean out the past…
@trvisXX This man funny😂 $princegotfans. What's tha…
@wind_vtuber しっかり周らないとですねw 戦果期待してま~す(* ̄∇ ̄)ノ