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RT @scalzi: In the valley of the wind.
오늘 원이 너무 예쁘다ㅠㅠㅠ
light rain -> clear sky temperature down 58°F -> 54°F humidity down 77% -> 66% wind 8mph -> 3mph
RT @RAIDERS: Sleep well, #RaiderNation: It's the last day of summer. Tomorrow, The Autumn Wind blows.
RT @GreenpeaceUK: Incredible - the price of new offshore wind power has HALVED in just 2 years! Emma Thompson seems... quite pleased…
@polNewsInfinity @DinoFancellu Is this a wind up?
RT @Richardafowler: “Kites rise highest against the wind—not with it”- Winston Churchill #FowlerNation @ Washington,…
@ClubParkstone @georgiahall96 The course is very scorable today, receptive greens, not a breath of wind 18 degrees,…
RT @KOBUKUROnoUTA1: 偉くなんてならなくても良いの。「私」という、小さな世界じゃ、今日も「貴方が一番、偉いのよ。!」と、いつだって、おだててあげるから。 (シルエット) #コブクロ
moderate rain -> light rain temperature down 46°F -> 40°F humidity down 100% -> 86% wind 17mph -> 11mph
Do you remember the 21st night of September? Earth Wind and Fire [Video]: #music #September
Weather now: few clouds, 66°F, 11 mph southeast wind.
Weather now: fog, 18°C, 11 km/h east-northeast wind.
Weather now: clear sky, 57°F, 11 mph west wind.
Weather now: scattered clouds, 79°F, 10 mph east-northeast wind.
@Es_WIND 宇多田ヒカルですね(`・ω・´)ノ
RT @RAIDERS: Sleep well, #RaiderNation: It's the last day of summer. Tomorrow, The Autumn Wind blows.
Right now: Overcast, Temperature: 31C, Humidity: 63%, Wind: From NW at 6KPH, Updated:12:40PM #Surat #Weather
Fri 01:00: Mostly Cloudy; Temp 4.1 C; Wind WNW 15 km/h; Humidity 82%; Press 101.8 kPa.
Fri 04:00: Clear; Temp 8.8 C; Wind WNW 13 km/h; Humidity 85%; Press 101.8 kPa.
clear sky -> mist temperature down 66°F -> 65°F humidity down 100% -> 93% wind 1mph -> 4mph
Fri 01:00: Mostly Cloudy; Temp 2.7 C; Wind WNW 18 km/h; Humidity 85%; Press 102.1 kPa.
Fri 04:00: Cloudy; Temp 15.5 C; Wind E 26 km/h gust 37 km/h; Humidity 76%; Press 101.8 kPa / rising.
Fri 04:00: Temp 12.6 C; Wind ENE 14 km/h; Humidity 85%; Press 102.2 kPa / falling.