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current weather in Bacolod: broken clouds, 31°C 56% humidity, wind 5kmh, pressure 1010mb
オタクなのでGWの二文字を見たとき、真っ先に”Golden Wind”が思い浮かんで命の限り神にも逆らい戦い続ける不屈の魂になってしまう meldet Temp 7.2 C;Wind 0.0 km/h; Windrichtung S; Boe 6.1km/h;Regen 0.00mm;Luftdruck 1008.4 hPa;Feuchte 97%
Avengers Endgame: No spoilers ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️/❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
WX in Harrison, AR: 10:45 PM 62.9F, Hum 80 pct, Wind SSE 4.6 mph, Gust 13.1 mph E, Rain 1.66 in. Wind Chill 62.9F
RT @glennkirschner2: I’ll say this - some people stick their finger in the air to determine which way the wind is blowing before they de…
@wind_dom イラックマ(ID)でもライラ(キャラ名)でもお好きな方で!
News on the way... Wait! Novidades à caminho...Espera! ***** 🎷Earth, Wind & Fire "Sing a So…
It's windy at Holy Comforter Episcopal School! The wind speed is a brisk 18 miles per hour.
RT @ZonePhysics: Human as the scale to a wind turbine.
Partly Cloudy/Wind and 67 tomorrow. Here's your 7 Day Forecast: #idwx
Time 10:45PM Temp 50.7°F Dewpoint 49.1°F Humidity 94﹪ Wind chill 49.6°F Baro 29.76inHg Winds NNE 4.0 to 9.0mp…
//who wants to Rp, who ever does feel free to jump into my Dm
Temp: 7.1°C. Hum: 93%. Prs: 1007.213mb. Wind: 0.9mph,SE. UV : 0.0. Todays Rain: 0.0mm. Solar Rad: 0.0W
It's windy at Rickards High! The wind speed is a brisk 18 miles per hour.
It's windy at SAIL High! The wind speed is a brisk 23 miles per hour.
"Keep going even if no one is clapping for you, even if you feel like you're just flying to the wind, keep doing wh…
i hit the gas, i’m gone with the wind
@thebestjasmine @sdpowell1 Your daily fleece will be fine. Bring light sweaters & jackets. I live in the South Bay…
@irohaeaka 風を司る竜的な奴で風のなまえをいれたいなってのから、東風(こち)って言葉が可愛くて付けちゃった♡♡ めっちゃ可愛くかけたと思うからもっと褒めて((
RT @jhyunactivities: admiring how beautiful jaehyun's look is when he fixing his hair then the wind blowing his fluffy pink hair, and he…
9pm: Clear 2.4C - - Wind: WNW 11km/h - Barometer: 102.3 kPa ^ - Vis: 24.1km - Hum: 29% #Regina #Weather
1am: Light Freezing Rain -0.1C - Feels: -7C / 19.4F] - - Wind: ESE 32km/h Gusts to 43km/h - Barometer: 100.7 kPa v…
Temp: 15.6 +0.8 (15.6/13.3)C In: 18.3C Pressure: 1014.3+0.1mb Humidity: 91% Rain: 0.0mm Wind: 6.1km/h WNW