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@serenawilliams serena. Are you and venus hoping to make wimbeldon? If you are i will het tickets. P.s loved your eyes closed # gospil choir
@ViasatSportSE Troligtvis Rafa på övre halvan i Wimbeldon å Roger på undre. Intressant
@carlosLatic3 @ChelseaAltLeft They all used to support Wimbeldon
RT @mccaigchristian: No one will ever have more swag than Serena Williams doing the crip walk after winning gold at the olympics in Wimb… https://t.co/5wHPhH0kdg
@Renestance Oh for sure! Nole was half-assing it from Wimbeldon 2016-Wimbeldon 2017 tbh. No real desire during matc… https://t.co/YCkEJ4Y3Nh
@Maria_Mouskos Indeed. If Wimbeldon was bo3 i could've said yes but he'll need time. This reminded me of Rome2016 w… https://t.co/RbrDE9Hcz2
@Renestance He was injured in Wimbeldon? He played well until the injury got him.. Nole 2017 didn't have any fire i… https://t.co/fI8dQvk2hF
Getting out on the lunch time run. Dam #Wimbeldon has hills. #strava #runchat https://t.co/8asYTb3K8C
@katapiro @albertoger_74 @bueuF1 Solo te centras en la seguridad. En Wimbeldon exigen a los jugadores ir de blanco.… https://t.co/6txRjZiasy
@franckie_abanda Le tennis féminin intéresse peu. Eugénie a pas seulement fait Wimbeldon. Elle a fait Sports Illustrated.
Serena basically owning Wimbeldon nets her a better seat than Becks.
The Wimbeldon brand is Bravo.
Correction, not a marriage tribute beer, but a tribute to the craft beer renaissance per Wimbeldon's website. Stil… https://t.co/iaWjC3Qh8Y
@LadyBellatrix Haha but remember Wimbeldon 2015 he served so well the whole tournament but in the final his serve let him down a little :(
@LadyBellatrix I know.. He should've won Wimbeldon or USO 2015 tbh.
@Valom131 @philousports Oe ça surface préfère Wimbeldon c'est ça priorité
Esta semana llega a los cines la 2º parte de #Deadpool2, la película francesa #Pororoca, la película sobre Wimbeldo… https://t.co/t9rWDKDw5e
@Brostyleoffense @JohnNoAthon Me too. It’s more my genuine curiosity. Also the utter disgust of, say, the Wimbeldon… https://t.co/YLOCObyIJh
RT @_alanstewart: @racewithinsulin @IMS As well as Wimbeldon and Churchill Downs!
@racewithinsulin @IMS As well as Wimbeldon and Churchill Downs!
Progress on #site on one of our projects in #Wimbeldon - Basement done, first floor steels up! https://t.co/5niANpHPFP
@andreopines Serena served like 93939 aces Wimbeldon 2012! I was happy Petra got away with a 6-3 7-5 instead of the… https://t.co/YapLZr8L13
@tyschalter Perhaps a confluence of many things, including: - 96 was Pete Sampras' ONLY Wimbeldon loss between 93-0… https://t.co/cDbHggqne7