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@nycsouthpaw @Wilson__Valdez All GOP members who stalled the confirmation of Garland should bear this. But they couldn't give a God damn
@Gus_802 oh no. Seriously? They make some very great (if a little pricey) ice cream.
@HeerJeet @speechboy71 looks like they were (mostly) correct
@hunterw just leaving this here. He apparently loves to do this..........a lot. https://t.co/W2oP1KfoDN
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Also note, WikiLeaks' orchestrated disinformation campaign about Podesta being a satanist was the inspiration for recent PizzaGate shooting.
I'm sure Glenn Greenwald will be out with a new screed accusing them of red-baiting in tandem with NSA, or somethin… https://t.co/E7g0CGFXF1
RT @Amy_Siskind: Well, the good news is we've cleared up the mystery behind why those damning Celebrity Apprentice tapes were never released by NBC.
@daveweigel how many Holiday parties did you go to tho?
@Night_0f_Fire or maybe it was because your show sucked and wasn't funny
Hahaha. That alt-right loser Sam Hyde's Adult Swim show got cancelled? Amazing. I watched it once. Wasn't even slightly funny.
@Wilson__Valdez @TheFix Reid got his bluff called &shamed Romney into releasing what, 2 years? 14.1% on 13 million+ INCOME. Annual Income!
RT @revmagdalen: @Wilson__Valdez Where's the shouting mob now? Why aren't they throwing chairs in anger about the coming of fascism? WTF is in their minds?
RT @AriBerman: Michigan GOP on recount: "no evidence of fraud." Michigan GOP on voter ID: "fraud, fraud, fraud."… https://t.co/imMYIFhPJD
@Wilson__Valdez @Nartist No issues w/someone advancing oneself. In doing so hold core values/rule of law/democracy we agree to abide by.
@Ah_occ_o @cascamike @mmurraypolitics again, you're arguing against straw-men. Get lost, cultist.
@toppscards put me down for 5 boxes. Now I just have to check the price point. Hmm, let's see....
@Wilson__Valdez @cascamike @mmurraypolitics Yet fighting with workers demanding 15 is asking for "purity"
@Ah_occ_o @cascamike @mmurraypolitics only someone arguing against a straw-man would claim that people were making that argument.