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@jaymarose You said it... and the world is watching @Wilson__Valdez @BenjySarlin
@Wilson__Valdez @PCalith @jmartNYT Lee Fang is the vampire corpse of Robert E. Lee. Pay him no mind.
@PCalith this is worse. It's literally tabloid filth. https://t.co/5Nmmfpo4n6
The Intercept, paragon of privacy, defender of indiv. rights takes glee in publishing state-sponsored hacking of ppl's private info. Noted.
What the fuck kind of serious New York Times reporter are you retweeting this tabloid filth? FFS man. https://t.co/5Nmmfpo4n6
@Wilson__Valdez @BenjySarlin it's wildly incompetent that they keep trying to make him seem normal.
@JamesFallows @DKThomp it's not just NYT. See other beltway wagon circling: Politico, NBC re: Lauer. Feel above criticism from 'partisans'.
@BenjySarlin umm because Obama shat on him today and he is a petty little man. How do you guys not get this?
Of course this vapid brush-off was retweeted by Chuck Todd & Jack Shafer (among others). The Beltway circlejerk cannot fail, only be failed.
Example #180 of how the New York Times (politics section) has completely lost its way/become utter garbage. https://t.co/BBi4NeDDmj
LOL. This is so bad. @jackshafer is a hack. Laziest response to just dismiss any critique as 'partisans'. https://t.co/TaASNYIhIP
@Gus_802 bbbut ZAID. Won't somebody think of Zaid!
@BuzzFeedAndrew You don't feel at all conflicted pushing state-sponsored hacked materials?