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@goldengateblond @MarlowNYC the rest of the show was great. I muted,the milo,part
@MikeIsaac performing at inauguration. ZING.
@AndreaChalupa it's ok, they're also on twitter!
RT @Taniel: Big 2018 focus: Sheriff Clarke faces re-election. In a jurisdiction Clinton won 66-29. For a job with big criminal justice repercussions.
RT @VAPolitical: NYT Editorial: Bring On the Special Prosecutor https://t.co/GK8msUN4wZ
@eclecticbrotha @Wilson__Valdez @theharryshearer @neeratanden They really don't get how pathetic bragging about WikiLeaks makes them look
@Wilson__Valdez Disdain for the arts, intellectuals & human rights is on the FASCISM checklist.
RT @charliearchy: @Wilson__Valdez This right here. Genuinely think logging off and not having to worry about preserving a shredded narrative would help them.
RT @craigaroo: @Wilson__Valdez Have to agree w/you. Almost everyone connected w/ Federalist Magazine except Tom Nichols
@Wilson__Valdez @theharryshearer @neeratanden Dude's just another internet troll harassing women of color.
@Wilson__Valdez @smsaideman end it doesn't even save a significant amount of money amount of money involved is very very insignificant
This is vile. Petty, counter-productive, evil....you name it. https://t.co/OWohwSeSk1
RT @CharlesPPierce: Another example of how we have two identical corporate parties. https://t.co/YSoSBKODup
@Wilson__Valdez @RyanLizza @redsteeze @NewYorker @redsteeze has found a little "entertain the deplorables" niche who aren't bright bulbs.
RT @Fahrenthold: Venezuelan businessman sanctioned by DOJ member of Trump National Doral. Scoop. By @MiamiHerald. https://t.co/Ss8EqNtohf