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RT @saletan: Foreign leaders understand this more easily than we do. Trump isn't a government. He's a regime. Talk to the son-in… https://t.co/eoqkw5uypy
@marczumoff the long-form birth certificate probably say Mark tho. Also that you were born in Kenya.
@taylormattd ughhh shes the absolute worst
@DavidKlion @Wilson__Valdez @drfarls Western media will be completely discredited for publishing #WikiLeaks & #Snowden #antiUS #propaganda.
RT @EricLiptonNYT: Of all issues NYT has written abt re Trump family/potential conflicts, this to me among most serious @PekingMike https://t.co/1jZkFNeQly
@nycbubbles @Wilson__Valdez @JKH2 she without a doubt has no idea what Juneteenth is. Sad
@Wilson__Valdez not an idiot. He's a Russian agent and has been since BEFORE he ran away. Paid to steal NSA shit. NOT a whistleblower
@Wilson__Valdez Wonder if Putin paid him to tweet that
@Wilson__Valdez In the solemn words of Ed Snowden: "this year has a way of turning our memories of laughter into fists of rage." 🤔🤔🤔
Again, this is not all that dissimilar from what Glenn Greenwald has been saying for a while. Is he a writer for th… https://t.co/R86uhPo2Ie
RT @mattyglesias: I think a real Deep State would get its hands on a full set of Trump tax returns, complete with all the extra pages.
@Wilson__Valdez @JordanChariton @mtracey @KyleKulinski 3/ candidate, theyll be tendies thrown & far left will see Wikileaks for what it is.
@Wilson__Valdez @JordanChariton @mtracey @KyleKulinski 2/ 'establishment' candidate then Bernouts will be thrilled. If it's a 'progressive'
@Wilson__Valdez @JordanChariton @mtracey @KyleKulinski 1/ in 2020, Wikileaks will once again leak emails on the dem candidate. If it's a
@Wilson__Valdez Bernouts such as @JordanChariton @mtracey @KyleKulinski will rejoice & we'll never get an investigation into it.
@Wilson__Valdez Comey has policy of not commenting on investigations, he's not breaking that now. He's coming out to speak since it's over.
@Wilson__Valdez followed swiftly by leaks from IC, the leaks will probably be the most substantial to date. That's my prediction anyway.
@Wilson__Valdez how much you want to bet Comey comes out tmrw to say there was an investigation but they found nothing & case is closed?
Even more so given that Kushner (& Bannon) are basically calling all the shots in the WH. Just an unbelievable COI. https://t.co/CacXOADnwF
@mgerrydoyle it's most famous 'reporter' is a guy who got fired for serial plagiarism (shrug emoji)
@Wilson__Valdez @DonaldJTrumpJr someone brought up the Bag National Guard story in a meeting and these Yahoos thought 'i got a great idea!'
@charliearchy I don't know about you, but my #1 issue this past election was Regular Order