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"Wilson Tuckey earned the nickname "Ironbar" for threatening a patron with a piece of steel when he ran a pub in the west back in the 1960s"
RT @stuarthorrex: @kyliesjacques @mackaysuzie Nothing about Wilson Bloody Tuckey would surprise me.
@kyliesjacques @mackaysuzie Nothing about Wilson Bloody Tuckey would surprise me.
@Epigrammist that could be it. This Quadrant article from 2010 is funny https://t.co/zqEVyNVIDv https://t.co/BpuwheGmdA
@Rottoturbine @westaustralian Wilson Tuckey, secure in his extremely generous tax-payer funded pension (which he complained was too meagre.)
@westaustralian this from good 'ole Wilson Tuckey is a doozy! Don't think he's noticed how cheap wind & solar are. https://t.co/E7usuFkfKc
@MarkDiStef Known anti-tory me suspiciously came 2nd. Still believe I won. Though not having to spend week with Wilson Tuckey proves I did
@MarkDiStef In years 11&12 headmaster was Noel Crichton-Brownes brother. Had contest where 1st prize was week in Canberra with Wilson Tuckey
@MarkDiStef oh shit I just remembered! I tried to give Wilson Tuckey an ALP HTV! He politely declined! He was wearing a baby blue sweater!
@conradhc @AndrewLamingMP @mikebairdMP @fergushunter If Wilson Tuckey was still around he'd have this covered. Maybe even Fred Nile.....