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.@darkwitch79 @Redeemed_Killer + show what she is capable of. Faith eager to slay some of the vampires. As was both their nature. Willow +
.@darkwitch79 @Redeemed_Killer Giles can feel the energy rising in his living room. Willow with worry but also humming with powers to +
A review of “House On Willow Street” … Now on VOD https://t.co/X8HGyBSDt3 https://t.co/0Qxlz77msu
@willow_part そりゃキレーだわ(笑)
@willow_765 ウリウリ(*´ω`)っ)'ω'*) あーそっか、それなら見学セラが愛側なのも頷ける…母性くすぐられるとこもあるしなあ。 (←なんも考えずに感覚でやった人)
RT @JBC_LeLoupGarou: #cosasbuenas es porder ayudar a @galgos112 gracias a @TwitterSpain , @CiviClub y @HawkersCo con esas peazo de 10 to… https://t.co/fmOLE1yzqj
RT @nev_036: 남자 : 저기영(혀꼬임) 나 : (뭐야 시발 술냄새나)ㅡㅡ); 남자 : 얘 귀엽죠ㅎ..(화면 보여줌)(얼룩냥 있음) 나 : 남자 : 집가려면 00역 가야돼요..이거 00역가죠? 나 : 네; 남자 : 다행이다 밥줘야돼요 나 : (고양이 밥주겠다는거군)
@Willow_June @AvrgHomieChris got to truly love this fool lol 💕
RT @bulbsheep: 무례한 거를 솔직한 거라고 포장하지 말어. 모두가 본능대로 살면 모두가 죽겠구나 해서 만든 게 예의다.
as I go down by willow thicket
RT @yuki7979seoul: 이런 드라마 보고 한국의 일반적인 가정이 실제로 이런 줄 아는 외국인들 엄청 많답니다. https://t.co/Wdxk9BWpK4
RT @disneywords: Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one. –Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas)
RT @Willow_Burn: Willow Burns fashion show of the year is coming your way! Why not book your tickets now? #Fashion #Clothing… https://t.co/sxLK74fjPA
RT @VulcanCricket: Plenty of top bats and great willow hear not long till the season.come and pic a bat and have it fished up while yo… https://t.co/qTpZzJIJ46
RT @slimbridge_wild: Holden Tower- adult Dark-bellied Brent Goose on the Dumbles, Redwing and Willow Warbler singing #GlosBirds
Wish willow would pipe down in a morning #dogproblems