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Vous êtes BELIER comme William Shatner ? Venez lire votre horoscope sur https://t.co/5bLUX7uYg1
💥 In my best William Shatner voice: "Comic-CAAAAAAN!" It's true - we came up empty during Saturday's returning-at… https://t.co/nQpq06SquW
@scalzi Well, as long as William Shatner isn't sitting beside you you should be okay.
William Shatner
@WestAllenWonder @pursuit23 I think Sean Penn, Christopher Lloyd, Scott Baio, William Shatner, Tom Welling, Hugh La… https://t.co/R05wRwj4M8
Seeing the new Halloween this weekend. I hope someone cleans that dang William Shatner mask, it looks so dirty!
@Arminies I think William Shatner said it best, that fanatics need to get a life😂
So, I saw a tweet from William Shatner about the weird error. He belittles me for "telling lies" and when I say, ,… https://t.co/ohKL4tfty4
@thistallawkgirl @ManInTheHoody Even more weirdly, Michael Myers is actually a William Shatner mask painted white... https://t.co/Z0cIRUmuRB
@scottjohnson @Coverville I know you guys are excited for the new William Shatner album! Here is something to hold… https://t.co/v4w4Yd7fXT
I finally managed to find a friend to go to Halloween 2018 with me... And for that, I am grateful. . . . . And for… https://t.co/o01CWByakX
@TriciaRansom What makes me laugh? Absurdity. The more bizarre the better. That and a really well done William Sha… https://t.co/i1WDpeCImc
I feel like the Twilight zone episode with William Shatner and the big foot tearing the engine off of the plane whi… https://t.co/UVqXVcJzLe
@scalzi William Shatner is on the wing.
@scalzi You'll have to rely upon William Shatner who is in the row in front of you I guess.
@Kara_Byrne_ The Shape/ Michael Myers mask is my personal favorite. The fact that it’s a painted William Shatner ma… https://t.co/430e74U8DZ
Early StarTrek publicity shots featuring William Shatner Leonard Nimoy and Lee Whitney ✨✨✨✨ https://t.co/btAyFqYGql
RT @hellhorror: 10 Things You May Not Know About Michael Myers Video #horror: Here are 10 things you may not know about Michael Mye… https://t.co/6K7on9Kgao
@spencerking Correct, it's albino William Shatner.
@BlackNerd @halloweenmovie Hmmmmmm William Shatner looks a bit different.
Fun Fact: The Mask of Mike Myers is actually the face of William Shatner. https://t.co/4rXXMOe3tN
Ever wonder where they got the idea for Michael Myers’ in the Halloween franchise? #Halloween #MichaelMyershttps://t.co/cWIU59dR8s
Suggested gishwhes Item (IMAGE): Convert a cake into a formal picture of William Shatner. 12 POINTS
Because a William Shatner mask spray-painted white is 100% terrifying in any situation https://t.co/a7iapmJ0vX