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@LGTHBlog Have you seen Kingdom of the Spiders? It's the best spider film, not only featuring 1000s of real tarantu… https://t.co/rU03LNIIen
@bnowalk @GrahamB47 Good point. So who’s the equivalent here. I know Eastwood is far from the only TV Star to try h… https://t.co/uELcaVN2Qi
@TheresaZoe Only if William Shatner is doing it.
@Ragga0 Damn those gremlin ducks! William Shatner woyld not like this at all!
@oliverbruce @MicromobilityCo @James_Gross @asymco I imagine the picture is very very different if you looked at ju… https://t.co/qGir2SY4zX
beam me up...😃 William Shatner announced he’s partnering with Mattereum to launch an Ethereum-based system that aut… https://t.co/7qVOaEdxha
NASA: We Are Going: NASA enlisted the help of William Shatner to narrate this confident video about the space agenc… https://t.co/hlxj5dSDe0
Now, shank his mother so she can't go with him, a copy of #William_Shatner and #David_Wilkinson of St_Francis_Churc… https://t.co/1PdZisfJYF
William Shatner - Spleen; Lucy In The Sky With D
Vous êtes BELIER comme William Shatner ? Venez lire votre horoscope sur https://t.co/5bLUX7uYg1
William Shatner sir himself said it. so come on! give it a chance! #SaveWhiskeyCavalier #WhiskeyCavalier https://t.co/km8kicSeyI
RT @hollyoutbreak: William Shatner: Why ‘Star Trek’ Lived Long & Prospered https://t.co/YaIKUppYuO @WilliamShatner #WilliamShatner… https://t.co/YLjVlposqt
@NCC_17fOrmula1 Boston Legal with William Shatner, Rene Auberjonois, Arminian Shimerman, Ethan Phillips, Jeri Ryan,… https://t.co/KAVnergc5c
Even got William Shatner to do the trailer. What the hell is happening, am I in an alternate universe or something… https://t.co/N8Wj1XkqXP
You need to be silly to be funny. William Shatner #quote #quote https://t.co/Ect3FdO8Oc
@moniquecestmoi @EOVeoBares Y 15 de la versión de William Shatner! 🤣❤️ https://t.co/o9OJEkW0AW
William Shatner stole Leonard Nimoy's bike ! https://t.co/XjGQ3hn6Ep via @YouTube
James Spader and William Shatner dancing in Boston Legal is god damned hilarious https://t.co/80XNFZqEPi
Watching "Kingdom Of The Spiders" with William Shatner. Good old 70's sci-fi-horror flick.
RT @KayHensley20: @DanielHood4 @TammyRodell @soffibawahab @IDWEntertain @IDWPublishing And the William Shatner one: on the plane with… https://t.co/kGKMKZ27nL