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@DeiNomine @StatusVG @HHStarting @Immortals yea youre right, goes to wildcard. That is kinda shitty
Yankees gained in the AL East & the Wildcard. It was a good day. 👏🏼👏🏼#HuntForOctober
If by someone water to wine miracle the @Cardinals make the playoffs it won't be in the wildcard.
@GrassKun @StatusVG @HHStarting @Immortals I'm pretty sure I was told it's a wildcard but I'll double check
@MarcasG @Dodgers And ironically they'd make the playoffs as a wildcard
Dodgers no help at all to #cards wildcard chances.
@mfaizan66 He might start to slowly do a Ronnie O'Sullivan and play in main events only, he'll always get a wildcard for slams...always
@unbansogos fair but can u blame me?? you're a wildcard
@Pat_Ennis @d1sable @FFScout If I had that team I'd want to wildcard.
@terrelamos @Jatheish @RjRodriARK The new map coming next month is a map straight from wildcard like SE. ragnarok w… https://t.co/TppE03jW7Q
@GrassKun @Immortals I think if C9 wins the whole tournament, it's a wildcard draw for the extra worlds spot.
@bigbadmiguel @ScottWarner18 Wildcard exit*
@jflyntzsportz No you don't wildcard teams come In hot
Convinced the Cubs are trying to blow not only the division, but also the wildcard
米Wildcard Programは、※唯一の純100%Outbound徹底型、米国発・日本起業家/スタートアップの北米事業ローンチのインキュベーターです。随時、日本から本プログラムへのご参加を受け付けています!★無料相談も24時間!https://t.co/HA4I4qGZ9t
らっきょさんの姫度は【 -334 】です。 【姫度】 【0以下】= あなたを見た人は恐怖のあまりSANチェックが入ります。 #姫度診断 https://t.co/eivREWTzXv ダイスロール、どうぞ。
New wildcard team, any suggestions? #fpl #wildcard https://t.co/4JgRB9XKx1
1-0 the Philadelphia Eagles are about to go 8-8 and hit the wildcard #facts https://t.co/Vf5nkRZy8o
Any word one more ragnarok severs for pve officials? Everyone at wildcard is kinda M.I.A at the moment it seems. @Jatheish
RT @NosaIsabor: Yes yes they were imma save you the trouble https://t.co/q8uWr7uPFd
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/TTFO0FNmvD Mickey Valen - Wildcard (feat. Feli Ferraro)
@alyssataylor712 @phillies432 @JenniferWaddel4 @AGT @thesupercollies I wish we could vote for wildcard. The judges… https://t.co/MgCpc9bYlN
@OmiNay287 @seattlerams_nfl Yup. Next week will be interesting, McVay vs Gruden, know each others tendencies, who o… https://t.co/uLo1mRNTLf
@HectorCantu_ @49ers_es @tezontle50 el mejor panorama un 8-8 y con un milagro de San Francisco un wildcard
@andy85wsm Thoughts on my Wildcard? https://t.co/j9JnoDnxDu