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RT @haj_in_sf: CA州の図書館カードを通してニューヨーク・タイムズがただで見れると!文中には図書館のWiFiのみでとありますがこれをオープンにしてくれたら相当図書館利用者が増えるのでは?(カード作る人だけかもだけど) サンフランシスコの図書館は… https://t.co/Oam5tv5lDu
voy caminando por el barrio y me conecto a 7 redes de wifi diferentes mas o menos
@mountaegi Iyaa ca, aku jg seringnya buka chat sm twr doang. Nah klo di rumah iya gabisa batesin apalagi ada wifi k… https://t.co/wQkWG4cpTf
@CaesarIanAbatol Hahahha nabwesit ko sa Wifi namo as in! Hinay kaau makalagot wa pa jud mi dial tone @pldtcares2
RT @hackerfantastic: Uses wifi with a compact flash card, locked against patient use, requires RFID, pin or biometrics to unlock. Hackab… https://t.co/am33ZMfOUG
@Cay_B_ Hey you, you are never alone and never without anyone to talk to 👍🏼 plenty of us on here you can talk to an… https://t.co/iKSSOAqntH
tae di ako makaconnect sa wifi
O wifi da Disney caiu, n to vendo minha princesa online
@_itumonemutai 家に帰ってないからなぁー。WiFiなーほしい、、
RT @KawaiiLoveUBTS: When apoyas desde Estados Unidos en cada parada de WiFi que hay. @BTS_twt @magicdreamsinc @showpropanama… https://t.co/v65A9LnMXQ
RT @zeldacw: Weibo 30k Thanks part2- had no time & brain space to cook up a short story this time so I sketched my fav moment fr… https://t.co/geVfWMJdEr
RT @NicoleMabanag: 15 pesos from AdDU to Cat. Grande, complete with wifi, aircon, tv, good lighting and a really comfortable seat I c… https://t.co/iTZ2OsSf6C
高端外贸智能fq快速路由器 企业外贸推广 wifi家庭共享 出差旅游 快速上网 支持多台电脑 手机 笔记本 同事使用 微信 15899897665 https://t.co/X5QBDHcXC5
RT @katiehempenius: 📊 Where is mobile faster than wifi? (and vice versa) 👇 In the US, wifi tends to be faster than mobile, but this is… https://t.co/bMcoXFyldW
my notes app is literally so random i have like a full ass letter + a p*rn link i wanna rewatch + fics links + wifi… https://t.co/ktUzpt0zXE
RT @ATT: Switch to fiber internet from AT&T for $40/mo + taxes when bundled.
Esse wifi merda que não quer funcionar
RT @tonyposnanski: @peta Congrats PETA. You disrespected two people who are dead this week. You literally are the worst pieces of garb… https://t.co/F50rI8eU0m
RT @norisuke0726: 電源ねえ!WiFiねえ! 俺ら東京さ... 今夜! #JKないとSP https://t.co/v9yXjVk2Dz
[$63.99 save 20%] Amazon #DealOfTheDay: Security Camera, SZSINOCAM Wireless Camera WiFi 1080p Cam Wireless IP Wa... https://t.co/rzWWnqZXbn