Sorry bud 😂 it's always been Gibby and Guppy. No doubt about it. (Sorry, I can't really tell whether you're being s… https://t.co/4v257Al4uj
lipton ice tea is the fuckin shit man
おはよう>( 'o' ∋ )))<
It's all about the layers ✌ Used roasted courgette and aubergine as the shelves, smothered… https://t.co/r7G1jxQzws https://t.co/0h2S1Cj2GZ
RT @tooturntbj: I'm hungry but I'm not hungry
fuckkkk man i'm looking forward to this day of monday
ラムレザルの横ダス使った起き攻め覚えようかな K4Kより起き攻めタイミングがわかりにくいからボれそう
@CHRHCV ghoppy sounds like guppy. maybe you can swim.
ピルファー+説得でミミック対処はなるほどなー いろいろあるね
RT @fukamidory: ソウルピルファー説得脳死周回で幸子回収がんばりました https://t.co/rYYipDOR9F
RT @SoapOperaSpy: ‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Chloe Feels Pressure From Past Actions – Genoa City… https://t.co/vPwXymVmWS https://t.co/51nK6Tbvs5
@OddZacarii , Guppy and I just spent 4 hours getting to r58 all gums 3p first room and guppy crashed. Game ranked so gup couldn't join back
Watching Peter Pan for the 4th time this week!!! 😂 I love Peter Pan so much 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
@euphoricem 😂😂😂 I like to say "oomf" 😂😂😂
RT @euphoricem: Oomf looks sooo good today 👀
Наушники "Smartbuy" Guppy (зеленый) https://t.co/1CbMQzaAtQ #greenspark https://t.co/kdOMwnfmb7
RT @FOX10NewsNow: #LIVE VIDEO: NASA's "Super Guppy" arrives at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport https://t.co/XC1rnyZlZo https://t.co/ObRPVG0tmD