RT @mwoozic: wz’s mom: are u working? wz: exercising wz’s mom: don’t work out too much wz: why wz’s mom: i don’t like you lookin… https://t.co/xIcH3RfElB
RT @Harujisoo: JS: When I first came to Korea, I used to play acoustic guitar really a lot but for my solo stage I played electric… https://t.co/R892tklQjT
RT @lgbthosh: soonyoung is one of kpop‘s best dancers and you can’t change my mind https://t.co/Qgw9XyOYFL
RT @incorrectwanna1: [nielwink in class] jihoon: hey look, the teacher made a mistake, it should be "you're eyes" not "your" daniel: u… https://t.co/yxJCmCnjpf
RT @insolategogh: self care is watching eonghan laugh when seokmin was taking a selfie with the cow, please can they both get any mor… https://t.co/Y6ozrlboLT
@maririn03030115 まあ2期は渚以外みんな負けヒロインだからなんか悲しいよね😭 お?栞の可愛さわかるやつだったかー今度バニラアイス食おうぜ😁 そうねー基本的にkey作品の主人公はいいキャラしてるやつが多いよね😊
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/OdDQonBshW The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth - TECHNOLOGY X + BRIMSTONE + GUPPY - SICK COMBOS Ep
어떻게 녹여야 잘 녹을까 자기야 보고 싶어 뽀 쪽
RT @incorrectwanna1: daehwi: why was clifford the red dog so big jihoon: he was small but emily elizabeth loved him so much he grew big… https://t.co/U0k4fxJ4Fo
RT @babiewonu: TODAY ON SVT X TYPOS wz: padding, not pudding jh: jeonghan, not jeonghwan sk: hoiting, not hoiiting TYPOS???? MIS… https://t.co/jPLL0Fkpax
RT @incorrectwanna1: kuanlin: if brains are biological computers then why don't we lag? jaehwan: you can't tell me you've never walked… https://t.co/AjEK3Xm41o
ああ・・・ スパルタクス・・・
RT @incorrectwanna1: woojin: i were a millionaire i'd buy millions of melons so i'd become a melonaire sungwoon: how do you have friend… https://t.co/xbBIoqGPJJ
RT @incorrectwanna1: daehwi: he's right, i'm not good lookin- kuanlin: i'm going to stop you right there kuanlin, pulling out a 828723… https://t.co/nOgqdn6MXC
RT @sup3rnovas: mingyu asked why his display name is “kim mingyu” in boo’s phone.. seungkwan are u in trouble now https://t.co/UwcKd81bgR
RT @incorrectwanna1: daehwi: minhyun is choking & i need to call 911 but the 9 isn't working! daniel: just turn the phone upside down &… https://t.co/ahq0BqefGQ
@kudo_0707_sana まあ一応は美琴がメインヒロインのはず…インデックスはそもそも年齢的にヒロインと呼べるのか怪しい🤔
@maririn03030115 2期見たらあれはあれで現実に帰ってこれなくなるんやけどね…😇 やっぱり栞ちゃんは女神なんだよなー😍
RT @leejihuwun: makdoongie: yes! dokyeomie hyung: yes, I got it Kim mingyu: hoieiting (hwaiting mispelled very. very badly.) woozi… https://t.co/mgoUryoNde
RT @svtfairynice: [17'S Jeonghan] Mom.......... I'm still your son either way hehe pledis_boos: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Does doing annoying thi… https://t.co/RUFyyWof8m
@guppy_yuuichi なるほどなーw とある自体だれがヒロインなのか忘れそうなくらいインデックス出てないから本当は五和さんがメインかもしれない😲
Ce pays me rend dingue! Tout est "droit" droit d'expression à dire de la merde, à faire référence à des heures somb… https://t.co/O3zOgwgPkd