Why Use Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

The two things that make us waste precious time and ruin our day are the spam junk that we get and sneaky viruses that take control of our computer. The funny thing is that the unwanted messages dont just pile up in our inbox but also may bring with them viruses that represent a real threat to our computers. If we look at the problem from different perspectives we can see that viruses show us how vulnerable we are because a properly made virus can disrupt productivity and make damages of billions of dollars. If we look at it the other way we may see that viruses also show us how evolved, sophisticated and connected humans have become.Whats a computer virus and what does it do? Its a software that spreads itself by infecting executable files and after that it duplicates itself, interfering with your computer operations. Of course, a virus does all this without you knowing. Viruses are especially designed to do certain operations and so while some damage files others just to try to spread around. Its important to know that even the ones that just spread around are harmful as they infect files too. Anyway, the actual effect of the virus depends on what it was programmed to do. Note that viruses may corrupt or delete files or even delete the entire hard disk but it may not physically damage your hard disk.How do you get a computer virus and how do you get rid of it? One of the ways you get them is by those annoying spam messages. Its extremely important that you dont open an attachment of an email that you got from a person you dont know. Also, you might get a virus from downloaded file or from instant messaging messages. Best thing to do is find a good IT Support company and get the best Anti Virus there is. No business can survive without this kind of program. It efficiently protects your files so that viruses cant touch them. It saves you from all the trouble and you dont have to lose sleep. Your business is safe and so are you.Whats spam and what can it do? Spam messages get to you every day and every way. They may hide some interesting viruses that can do anything to your computer.All they do besides spreading around is losing your time. Your schedule gets busier because of the spam phenomenon that increases everyday and why? Because of the companies who specialize in this kind of under handed marketing. Your inbox gets full and you may have some important email that cant get to you because of all the spam. You cant complete your tasks, spend less time with your family and friends because you have to delete those useless spam messages you get.How can you avoid it? First of all, give a call to that IT Support company and get their Anti-Spam software. The role of any Anti Spam software is to identify and isolate the malicious, unwanted email from the genuine ones. This software is coded in such way that all unwanted emails are collected in a spam folder and you can delete them when youre sure theyre all spam. After that, its really important to keep your Anti-Virus and Anti Spam updated. Avoid publishing your email address on websites or forums because a spammer may get a hold of it and then youre getting your inbox filled like I said. Do these things and youll save precious time.

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