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Piden deportarlos a estos venezolanos https://t.co/RFFlLpsbid
Want to give a shout to Oskar Beckmann for helping me out in a pinch last night. Thank you so much for coming throu… https://t.co/FcCCUcHCwo
RT @IscaSaboteur: Homeless man helps save Christmas after shopper makes festive blunder Leeds dad takes to Facebook to express heart… https://t.co/rcWfGv8fmC
ไม่ใช่มะม่วงก็ร่วงได้ โถถถถ อีโมมมมม 55555555555555 https://t.co/WrFqFMITiU
One can't put a cost on life, we only get one life. https://t.co/F31IoAwwn5
@amyrlinnn Guy apparently stole a bunch of copies from his job and tried selling them on Facebook of all things, good going my dude.
RT @media_maqel: قراءة زيارة وارث للإمام الحسين - عليه السلام - في مسجد الصديقة الطاهرة -عليها السلام وذلك في يوم الأثنين 3 كانو… https://t.co/WJCEGvgq9t
En todas mis secundarias me odian 😂 https://t.co/VniaAPXMJ6