Why Did I Get

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plus my back hurts so why did I get out of bed
Why did I get up at 8:30 just to do nothing until 11.... 😐
I literally live 5 minutes from work, why did I get here like 15 minutes early???
I feel like trash 😊 why did I get out of bed 😩
Why did I get a twitter confirmation code sent to my phone??
@9GAG why did i get this? lmfao
Wait why did i get 100 dias in a3
My boyfriend is so handsome, why did I get so lucky 😍😍
Yooo, why did I get scammed again! This time someone stole my teeth imprint for my new retainer at my orthodontist😩
Why did I get a notification that red just followed me at like 7 AM
"Why did I get this in my 'in case you missed it' I didn't want to know this happened." https://t.co/KDZNOtIgu2
Wait why did I get the same thing😂😂😂 https://t.co/l0Xe2Yc6wi
Why did i get into a fight with my school best friend? Our friendship is gone now and i miss her so much
Why did I get kicked out y'all are just being so unreasonable right now, I didn't even do shit https://t.co/D4odqlrfwl
Why did I get this 8am class 😭😭
Why did I get the feeling you can blow it out your ass? :) https://t.co/y3BEA9gIqV
@PolitiBunny @GeorgeTakei why did I get the feeling you were gonna be one of those girls...
Got out of class 25 minutes early. Why did I get up at 7:45 for this?
Why did I get out of bed
honestly what kind of bomb ass last name is McCool and why did i get stuck with McCabe instead
why did i get so emotional when i see this pic https://t.co/OOmqpudZ7x
Why... Why did I get this ad? I'm not lonely, I swear. https://t.co/VD07jKZ65S
why did I get into this mess these boys are making me more of a mess how did I get sucked into this
Why did I get on twitter this morning y'all is so cut up 😭😭😭
why is it that every time on a night out with strangers I show them all of my tattoos, and why did I get so poorly placed body art