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RT @wizkhalifa: Life is a dream. Live yours the best way you know how to. https://t.co/pZdq4v1PJk
You'll see one "techie" in ajegunle that hasn't figured out just how to get that start up off the ground coming here to act like he's God.
you show me how to see that nothing is whole and nothing is broken #KaiBot
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I'm out the office today - finding out about how to get more students involve in Quality Assurance! Have a top Tuesday! ⚡️
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I liked a @YouTube video from @WolfeyGlick https://t.co/8ZriXwTJOm How to Sweep with Eevee! VGC17 Team Analysis
- i yhink even older people shud knw how to respect even wen they're to someone younger than them. Tho, yes respect them but-
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@autocorrects@If you taught wayne to play football,now show us how to score the highest number of goals for England.
RT @SurvivorMed: How To Grow Tomatoes And Potatoes On The Same Plant https://t.co/CifTdpk8qN #doomsday #guns #republicans