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RT @caitlin__kelly: far be it from me to tell graydon carter how to do his job but HOW IS THIS NOT YOUR LEDE https://t.co/RUh0eQ0cF8 https://t.co/S2IyK4wIpx
How to regain lost popularity? Bring iguana in your pub(l)ic life.
How to tell if you're a furry: You can only get off if you're partner is wearing a fursuit.
@RachelLQuimby you may have to show me how to put music on my phone at Easter lol
When you gotta tell someone that they smell but you don't know how to say it without sounding rude .. 👁👁 .. well then
RT @Savvy__Marie: it's 2017 and y'all mf still don't know how to mind your own damn business!!!🤦‍♀️
RT @hausfath: Today's adventures in learning Python: figuring out how to make animated GIFs of temperature time series. https://t.co/oqVPfUGlKm
RT @nojumperdotcom: 👏this 👏is 👏how 👏to 👏ask 👏your👏cousin 👏to👏prom Take notes https://t.co/NX1QLaIlpo
Skirts and Sneakers are a Trend—Here’s How to Master it | StyleCaster https://t.co/LEmlmZLA5O
RT @randaija_: full body pics are not my thing. idk how to pose🤦🏽‍♀️
"Idea on how to improve amiibo for the Switch" - Mike Matei. -#AVGN, #Nintendo #VideoGames
@MiaFarrow It's incredibly obvious. But how do we get the gov't to DO something? How to bring down the whole house of cards, incl Comey.
Swear no one knows how to put deodorant on
RT @FatinNajwa_: You guys should learn how to respect people 😔
RT @JackCanfield: There are 6 simple steps for making an empowering #dream board. Find out what they are: https://t.co/6fHiiN9EVi… https://t.co/R3F1dFpNcJ
I don't know how to feel😶
RT @KingWaka_: You got to learn how to be everywhere and no where to be found at the same time. https://t.co/ffJEBIJv8z
RT @senshiluna: No one in this world can ever tell me how to love. Doesn't matter who you are. If I'm in love with someone, that's my choice. No one elses'
You can call me a fat ass bitch all you want but at least i'm not a heroin addict & i know how to read basic everyday words, go to school 👍🏼
@justin_sales @brockdavi better show us how to tie a noose at the end as well