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RT @indietraducao: how to be a heartbreaker - marina and the diamonds minha vontade era de quebra vcs na porrada mas o coracao ta mais facil
RT @RonaldKlain: Let's say you are teaching a class about anti-semitism, and you don't know how to show your students what anti-semi… https://t.co/S5zi7ZOWoo
3 Types of Bad Bosses and How to Deal with Them https://t.co/UXj3DA1NvF
I got a theory on how to break it down cause I hate how its used on here. https://t.co/buA0NT8mWd
https://t.co/t8TUT5RzPx Aly is up to her naughty ways again in this set, she knows how to please us f... https://t.co/UZdHngXxU5
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Now that I have an office/desk; I have so many ideas on how to keep everything organized with colors, office supplies etc. I’m so pumped 😍🤪
The Trump family literally doesn't know how to vote??? https://t.co/LKHBL1zQ4S https://t.co/ooXfMzZTlz
RT @GDouglasJones: .@mishacollins has a message for the young voters of Alabama. Thank you for your support, Misha! If you need info… https://t.co/FGYSFZ3mD2
https://t.co/eZIBdvNQxK Aly is up to her naughty ways again in this set, she knows how to please us f... https://t.co/Ews20M9Aaz
@sabzamk i also saw your convo w/ @mayuyuka_kaunda about Stogie T - Going Gorilla verse. Y'all keep teaching us how to listen this music.
@GLHC_HIE @techguy It's a good strategy in work, period. How to win friends and influence people? HELP THEM. #HITMC
After Keith lost his leg in a workplace accident, he was back on the snow learning how to snowboard with his prosth… https://t.co/VYn5BlrTCv
RT @KC_MoNice: Dear @mapasekamokwele #conversationswithmen opportunity missed when we let a conversation about women who like roug… https://t.co/647v6faC3e
https://t.co/PShCKNEeZl Aly is up to her naughty ways again in this set, she knows how to please us f... https://t.co/jlcWjAZkFc
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When you run out of ideas on how to name your thesis files... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://t.co/undYKStqWD
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