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hi ate! any tips how to make my notes pretty? sa pagpapaganda ako ng notes nags-struggle eh :( — hmm meron namang s… https://t.co/pDFMNDtKsB
RT @HorseRacing_JPN: Horse Racing in Japan: JRA Race Programme [Tokyo Yushun (Japanese #Derby) (GI) day races - May 26]… https://t.co/zpQ4pPNSqn
@MOReganIT @sarahcareyIRL @AnMailleach @gavreilly Electronic voting would be transparent if we: A) had the source c… https://t.co/YnvJdWQcvp
SHARE/RETWEET! -> How to build a Gaming PC [ CLICK LINK TO VIEW POST => https://t.co/sbguOtXwvd ] #dayz #dayz s… https://t.co/ztWwDuA5h5
RT @elitelife_kd: This lady gave my son a couple dollars at the grocery like he know how to buy shit... Guess whose wallet that shit… https://t.co/lZtkunu1T8
RT @NorthPennAONB: Team members out today putting up posters & distributing flyers, raising awareness of recent illegal #buzzard killi… https://t.co/EtHyd2AsHX
@Paytmcare I have done a payment to Indian railways using your gateway. But the refund was given to me in form of… https://t.co/CJrewfINmy
@rickygervais You hold him down. I have Stilettos that I need to learn how to walk and jump in. Preferably all over his head.
@wellimkat Currently strategizing on how to get it all through customs
RT @reillynicole: Remember when Casey Anthony googled how to murder her baby and then murdered her baby and now she’s free and has a… https://t.co/R7zuJfpWFA
RT @SanaAfouaiz: Thanks to EUmed business for inviting me to share my recommendations on how to shift entrepreneurship in EU Mediter… https://t.co/A52BHCZn7Y
RT @dianaadesoye: Mathematics is actually such an interesting subject when you actually get it. Paying attention is very important in… https://t.co/WdguaIGWIn
RT @orange_sandeul: How to take care of WM kids: Give them chairs and let them entertain themselves #B1A4 #ONF https://t.co/IqbMOaWB4E
RT @Fynestchina: Filipino mom teaching Dora how to find things with her eyes and not with her fucking mouth 🙄🙄 https://t.co/yCNky14vdI
There’s so much I want to get off my chest I just don’t know how to say it in a better way or Express it I’m just s… https://t.co/UfXfkoaKL1
My dad calls furries animorphs and idk how to feel about that lmfao
@chibihaley Me applying to several leadership positions and collaborations with NPOs while already having those thi… https://t.co/kSMEOhagAT
Me at my stan twt: fluent in english, shooting words like bullets. Tweeting and conversing only in English ✊🏻 Me a… https://t.co/wBDX5x5PvR
I acc rate ppl who get married young mA I don’t even know how to use my washing machine
RT @brianklaas: Two recent tweets from Trump’s lawyer / cyber security adviser, including one full of incoherent babbling and a see… https://t.co/gPGf2Z6r3z
RT @anglicandioTO: Angie Hocking, director of outreach services at @TheRedeemerTO, will be teaching staff at a local bank how to be mo… https://t.co/PKwYJZckf6
RT @Rude_Astrology: Geminis, one day we're going to talk about how you're scared of true intimacy because you have an all or nothing me… https://t.co/V86j2Jw49q
RT @woohyoons: Q: how do you search? woohyun: i search a lot on twitter and naver but in instagram, im not sure how to do it. Q:… https://t.co/LZNFchhk3M
RT @Prince__OngNiel: When I watched this video I thought daniel taught Ong how to ride skate board. But, nah. This is their skate date,… https://t.co/RT5UCIPXRS
RT @texasstalkermom: I don't know how to not be who I am.