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Am I the only one whose Twitter didn't crash??
Being called a fantasist by not only a brexiteer but one whose twitter persona is a seedy dog is probably a new low… https://t.co/WYkc180cfH
.@nbcbayarea y'all really RTed someone whose Twitter name is SexKittenInSanJose?? lol aight media manager
RT @bug_data: im at a show to see "meat beat manifesto " with @myDXMprobIem and @wutanggoku and some1 whose twitter name i onno
For those whose #Twitter accounts faced #Black_Friday well the info is its back on Track!
RT @party_traitor: We played a show it was fun we love @deer_ful and @aycarmelaband and @yourdreamnails and Becky whose Twitter thing I don't know.
Am I the only American whose twitter has been working the whole day?
I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one whose twitter is on crack
We played a show it was fun we love @deer_ful and @aycarmelaband and @yourdreamnails and Becky whose Twitter thing I don't know.
The Novelist Whose Twitter Feed Is a Work of Art https://t.co/YUz1yOrpIG
Those of you whose Twitter was down missed me giving out that 80-1 shot who just won at SA! (Don't look thru my recent tweets just trust me)
Dear @Billbobbird where are you & your #eviltwin/#betterhalf whose Twitter handle momentarily escapes me? @bierandwein #MediaPartyAfrica
Dicks out for Henny, whose Twitter isn't working. May he Rest In Peace
Am I the only one whose Twitter didn't go mad
And becomes the first presidential candidate whose Twitter mentions qualify for Secret Service protection. https://t.co/V5O7YisZgk
@MissFMBP and in a scary coincidence someone whose Twitter profile name is boo is on my tl via RT right now
@Eileen43Eileen @natalieben maybe he's blocking people whose Twitter profiles irritates him, speaking the truth is an issue nowadays
dude whose twitter gimmick is to fact check every trump speech strains every sinew to not tweet 'Trump falsely call… https://t.co/D5Nq3GmPiL
One glass of milk per day daw dapat sabi @FNRI_DOST whose @twitter account unattended since Oct 2014. Paano ka maniniwala diyan? @DOST_NCR
hbd to someone whose twitter gives me life @17keiza
*giggle*…pardon me, but… LOL at juxtaposition of one whose twitter handle starts with "fake" making the case for "r… https://t.co/SBN8uObify
Am I the only one whose twitter is still white?😕
@CassandraRules so what happened w those ohio absentee ballots, just caught word of it. Whose twitter did u get that pic from?
Tonight's discussion - Internet personalities vs actual personalities. Featuring Josh Parkin whose twitter account is no longer with us #RIP
RT @jpodhoretz: Look, a guy whose Twitter handle is "Scalia's boner" is questioning my "nonsense." https://t.co/FiRTXDd6da