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Wearing jewelry is a university asked, many times it even more important than the clothing itself, wearing properly, like a finishing touch; if wearing the wrong, then became a target of public criticism, as if the joke openly Ikunori hang on the body.How to play this intrinsic charm jewelry and functions? First should know what occasion to wear jewelry, what occasion can wear jewelry problem. Concept in peoples past, that only a formal and solemn occasion to wear Pearl Jewellery, it is not suitable for other occasions to wear jewelry, in fact, this is a known bias, as long as the right to wear any occasion can be worn jewelry.We have gained a better understanding of clothing, knowing that there is wear, casual, dress, casual wear, and so the distinction, but also know that various occasions to wear different clothes to wear in Jewellery wholesale, and it appears that lack of knowledge, opinions are no longer a piece of jewelry to wear off, what occasion is it.Several major occasions to wear jewelry should pay attention:More information please visit:http://wholesalebeads11.co.cc/

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