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Best country albums of the 80s: 1. I Wonder Do You Think of Me, Keith Whitley 2. Strait From the Heart, George Str… https://t.co/lq7QYVAhG7
Monster Jam gets gun shy ahead of Orlando visit | Commentary - Orlando Sentinel https://t.co/fx0caEx5zE
RT @WORLDSTAR: “Dad, where was you at last night?” 😳😩😂 (IG/GheeFunny) https://t.co/fmF2FGq8eY
RT @KingJosiah54: LeBron mic'd up in the Rams locker room 😂 https://t.co/ydbLE3eXqk
I wonder what Rowan did to Dwayne after he stole Whitley from him. That is one brother I would NEVER wanna trifle with!
RT @FootbaIl_Tweets: Talib with the live on air f bomb lmao https://t.co/NAVhoYTtFy
Keith Whitley / When You Say Nothing At All
@Blacknewspromo I remember that episode when Whitley would get up every morning at like 4-5 just to brush her teeth… https://t.co/UFgnPRqLXh
Public service announcement: quite likely the best pure country album of the 1980s, Keith Whitley's "I Wonder Do Yo… https://t.co/o4kpfVzHsO
RT @AilinMirabal: Me after being dramatic and realizing it’s not that deep https://t.co/C1vYcjKZf4
5h Whitley Bay Weather: Temp. 9.4 °C, Hum. 87 %, Bar. 1004.6 hPa, Rain 0.6 mm, Wind 7.6 mph S #Weathercloud
The episode of ‘A Different World’ where Whitley and Dwayne finally marry is hands down my favorite. They’re my f… https://t.co/JBTNA089qa
RT @HappySingleGal: I came for Whitley and Dwayne because I cannot overcome the rage in order to discuss how they flattened the fuck ou… https://t.co/612BZtk7za
RT @HappySingleGal: If we start to unpack the misogynistic fuckery of the 1990s: uhm...what they did to Whitley after Dwayne's immature… https://t.co/78daMQhSJ3
@echo3juliet @AutistMember @JohnBWellsCTM C2C seemed to be more about UFOs and other similar subjects which quickly… https://t.co/aSrVbaZVBK
@Lindsey_marie87 "Whitley feel this, it's my vagina." Me: Lindsey you better keep that contained." 😂😂😂
RT @NSUSpartans: Tipping off right now at the Physical Education Complex in Baltimore. @NSU_BBALL vs. Coppin State Your NSU starter… https://t.co/x36HnRKyJy
All I can say is this team has so much growth and potential. We just need to keep our key players paid.
Whitley is the queen of shade !