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@veronikawitha_k the way I said that was a total "White Chicks" sound in my head. Let's watch it next time we hang out 😅
How have I never seen White Chicks before 😂😂
If they can be white chicks I can be a black kid Melissa Diaz Javier Diaz Jr. https://t.co/F9qysmprZj
@Common_Filth You know, filth. I get the counter signaling against degen white chicks. But all women are susceptible to degen brainwashing>>
White chicks atm.... HAHAHAHAHA never gets old
Watched white chicks for the first time last night. 10/10
🎥 NW: White Chicks
What movie can you watch over and over again? — white chicks! ☺😂 https://t.co/HQBAbyiRO2
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube (https://t.co/1spKDhjyn9 - Escena Graciosa de ¿Y dónde están las Rubias? ( White Chicks)- Negro
@SalvageChris it may be the tits. But Natalie Portman is in my top 5 and she flat as a wall. Not too many white chicks on the list.
Really want to dress up as brittany/tiffany wilson from white chicks
Ik haat chicks die alleen op white boys vallen, wats er mis met een leuke jonge als ik? @Tattoo_Fatoe
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@GuiltyMovieGuys You guys should do White Chicks and Death Becomes Her, that second one is absolutely ridiculous #GMP
GREAT SLEEPOVER MOVIES 1. Mean Girls 2. White Chicks 3. Bad Moms Lam na sa next overnight chz @melagabs @maybeitsceline #jasper
Who fucks to white chicks
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@JMurphhh @Buddedenise in the beginning the only thing I could think about was "IT'S TINA THE TALKING TUMMY' from white chicks 😂
Yo , White Chicks never gets old 😂
White chicks never gets old