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He grabbed that kid so fast it gave me whiplash https://t.co/SxrBL5JJPV
"Not quite my tempo" - Whiplash (2014) scene https://t.co/6Vw3yWjMbC
15/09/17 - Rock In Rio (Rio de Janeiro - RJ) - https://t.co/Wv7PZSfXj2 Rock e Heavy Metal https://t.co/0Q4IWTtD38
i'm gonna give myself whiplash from dancing in the car
Whiplash is suuuuch a good movie 👌🏻
wheres the announcement did they catch the whiplash too
Excuse me honey, your mood swings give me whiplash
RT @krug79: Now she knows that whiplash is a common , legitimate condition#clueless https://t.co/V0m4OsS3A9
RT @TheRealStanLee: Clever stuff, @Jimllpaintit - but Marvel already has a "Whiplash" https://t.co/geAMKEfgKu