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When a problem comes along (You must whip it)
Whip It: Whip It Juliana Simms might be the nicest fetish mistress you'd ever meet, if you were into me... https://t.co/hIBVQ5JeAx #nsfw
@LeadHyperion @carwynedwards left the big rocket in the boot... could whip it out tomorrow if needed for inspiration... ;)
RT @hellokorio: I want to rip out my uterus and whip it around above my head like a wild fan at a Hillary concert.
Free-kick in a dangerous position for #Mainz05! @yunusmalli10 to whip it in! (90') #M05RSCA 1-1
@Karone81 @Safeway @Crackmacs @peopleofYYC @brokenlizard You should bring a Salmon, and whip it on stage, they'd appreciate it i"m sure ;)
Robbie Savage - 'all he has to do it whip it round Skrtel, with his weak foot running full pace' Utter pish. Bein Sports is better. #Allah
Walking on a whip it while the wind's blowin!
Robbie Savage "all Memphis has to do is whip it around Skrtel" like say running at 25-29kph away from the ball onto your weak foot is easy😂😂
@ilikekicks23 you got an integra? lemme whip it I'll teach you how to drive
RT @BeardBounces: Near the end of October, it's sunny & 86F here in Toronto today. Going to enjoy every minute of it...going to whip it out to get some air
So i was working in a town called River Vale Nj and I ran into an old friend who has a Porsche Panamera & he let me whip it to get food.
Until tomorrow at 9pm is the last chance to record a video of you dancing to #WhipIt. Winner gets $50 https://t.co/UEn6QHcQ2L
RT @ObeyLadyAshley: Quickie Satin Panties JOI https://t.co/P8c5WVsJhR Whip it out & I'll give a little tease of my ass & pussy covered… https://t.co/3j1kwo3sAA
RT @rachelnpr: Now when a problem comes along - you must whip it. https://t.co/xZBCOCVkkb
Watch me whip it like the nae nae dance, car feeling like it's superman
Whip It: Juliana Simms is looking for a whipping boy. You game to get maimed? We'd rather… https://t.co/luVK4cotNThttps://t.co/FAfrJfZu2s