Whip It

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Whip it in here, douse it in there, pulsate it
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/kNrwegXXT2 ILoveMakonnen - Whip It Freestyle
@deejayquake watch me (whip) for my kids mashed up with whip it for me #Spurs
- very customizable!!! I can whip it to make it light or just take it straight out the tub and rub that ish in 😍😍😍
Nothing scarier than walking to where you THINK you parked your whip & it's absent as hell https://t.co/WoEhxEhNdG
*me to boyfriend* :Every girls party needs male nudity him: *laughs* me: Whip it out
Lmaooo i could whip it tho.. it's nothing. https://t.co/cNPl5EonGT
Ain't gon whip it up like me, she don't got the recipe.
#NowPlaying LunchMoney Lewis ft. Chloe Angelides - Whip It! #playfm check https://t.co/gALW0NvrSH
Ouça Future x Pusha T - Whip it Up (prod. Rhodymajor) de RhodyMajor #np na #SoundCloud https://t.co/RpICd8KwVP 🎶😚🎶
Nu op NMGradio: 1uP - Whip-It
@ClashTutor Whip it ( Devo ) 👋🏼
ok but whip it by BIA goes off
Hunky #MuscleMan Matmuscrob LIVE @JockMenLive NOW Whip it out & watch! https://t.co/6cknvE3fgt
think that nigga doin magic , how you whip it wit no hands ? 🤔
Times like this I wish I could whip it cos when I felt like this I could drive somewhere pukka and I'd be live again
When sul on küpsis tasuks n ya wanna whip it out n eat it but some dude is intensely talkin 2 u about jesus n it would b rude
@thesmu I'll whip it up in a bit, I'm still trying to digest the Doritos 😂
T minus 12 hours until "Whip It"! Bring the noise! https://t.co/ER8FYr7VbR https://t.co/0WTuQRIEts
"How you whip it w no hands" #freekodak 😂💯
Pasta pasta maccaroni whip it whip it make it yummy