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@Mrs_ARockstar In a heartbeat - True Blood - Hello Eric and Bill !!
@kk_roccha_ E true blood nem Γ© bom, convenhamos kkkkkk
rly though feel like nbc was just like "fine, you can have this. the true blood people are probably bored. but we'… https://t.co/oL7dNHIAUW
true blood nΓ£o me fez gay, mas com toda a certeza ajudou https://t.co/yC0llRI8Up
@LautConne C est du True blood?
foi meio twilight com true blood
saudade de uma boa sΓ©rie de vampiros... desde True Blood nΓ£o vejo nada interessante
me: *wakes up* mom: *puts on true blood*
@TheRestlessQuil Yes.. true.. Blood Relatives are not resposnible for the actions of thier kith & Kin But Modi / BJ… https://t.co/f2j9zH3Uqm
hj Γ© dia de sentir saudades do meu paric, donos de true blood
holi decidme series tipo tvd q no sea teen wolf q la odio ni true blood q no la soporto, gracias amics
Acabei true blood e n sei como prosseguir
Bout to watch the True Blood season 3 finale which aired on my 19th birthday .... 😱 We old haha
RT @drewcolej: 13. Ian Somehalder aveva fatto un provino per un’altra saga di vampiri famosa in tutto il mondo… non Twilight ma della serie HBO True Blood.
RT @GoldDustMad: β€œWe think that pain is the worst feeling. It isn’t. How could anything be worse, than this central silence inside o… https://t.co/h7R8nhEdUR
True Blood. It keeps you alive but it will bore you to death.
@AwardsDailyTV @filmystic So looking forward to this. We haven’t had a solid ghost story series. The Exorcist on Fo… https://t.co/PyFPc8AaBQ
Like the Twilight Series? The True Blood Series? Then you will love https://t.co/9fD3ZmV8hJ Warning - Adults only! Please RT
RT @ITWingDelhi: Dera sacha sauda has all the record for donating blood which anybody can think of..Guinness world records and many… https://t.co/j5RHi9Btpf
find out what happens on true blood season 5 episode 8 https://t.co/Vchr6xLtlH