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(Here's the answer to yesterday's question: Sir John Everett Millais) In which country are Njál’s Saga and Laxdaela… https://t.co/FO8HHFHkLN
@Asdis__ Italy 🇮🇹 ooo which country are you showing me? Release my neck please. I’ve suffered in Deutschland
@mzgbeborun are you drunk....which country are you from please???
@skylarwhite2000 @KP24 I can understand, which country are you talking?
@horowitz39 When you say he "loves the country that gave him a privileged life" which country are you referring to?
@Lashundaadu Shalom, which country are you?
You get home to your family after a long day at work and see this right outside the door. Which country are you mov… https://t.co/R8F7e64TUF
first time you join a social media site: hey which country are you from? now: hey which other site are you from?
@OSCARanking Which country are you please?
@zjspics which country are you from?
May I ask you which country are you from? Is tvxq famous in your country? — hey love i am not entirely comfortable… https://t.co/QzkdHUEw5L
which country are you from? how is ikon's popularity? do u have any real time ikonic friend? — wow okay shsjs im fr… https://t.co/FF4ATRW5Dv
@DeeLiscious Please which country are you from?
@Digigate2 Kindly confirm which country are you contacting us from please.~WCM
@johnhamerauthor We're in the neighbourhood and we thought that you might like to know how we are restoring peace a… https://t.co/oEPUNte8zf
useless trivia-n which country are black cats considered good luck?
Dear Commander, Which country are you enjoying AstroNest from? Express AstroNest in your language! ▶8.17 ~ 8.22 >… https://t.co/1rSSdMLbXc
@ArtofPapi Which country are you at ?
@BakariFumo Sorry about that.. We're unable to locate the account on our side. In which country are you based?~PMK
@Wesdog9 Wesdog, Dictator? Which country are you living in? Follow the sheep, that’s what liberals do. You are the… https://t.co/EKqPVzN5qu
@Waspapping_ Which country are you?
All World All dancer☆As for the animation contribution of You Tube, all the children of which country are really wo… https://t.co/FF6ELCnHJO
@TKwenaite @SamsonEguntola Why paint it as if you found out yourself? Nigerian authorities tested them and sent the… https://t.co/udsfxIxjRk
@cryptoSqueeze @blockchainflux May I know which country are you in? I'm surprised they still reject it after you pl… https://t.co/tExDI46EUs