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@whatthehell_ @xCeleste___ @bangtaniekink @BTS_twt So tell me what she said that is confidential. I'll wait.
And, that sums up my day. #whatthehell #bbn
RT @VKOOKcom: jeongguk is just looking at taehyung questioning “why is this hyung so cute” https://t.co/RPk12wpmpf
RT @BigHitEnt: [기사] #방탄소년단, 美 ‘빌보드 200’ 91위…메인 앨범차트 여섯 달째 롱런 https://t.co/8ceqRi3IFF
Ok, I admit to....doing activities that affects my short term memory. But I don't remember the #muppets or… https://t.co/5c6Il3jbi8
RT @PNWLover2: @RedTRaccoon @farandwee @voxdotcom Continuing his path to becoming a true #Dictator #25thAmendmentNow #WhatTheHell… https://t.co/puYuhC9JDV
RT @TwinSoulsUnit: @billboardcharts @whatthehell_ @BTS_twt Can we just take a moment to appreciate this #MasterPiece and #LEGENDARY AL… https://t.co/aqrlUyWyns
Screw it. I'm staying in San Diego until Saturday regardless. #alreadypaidfor #whatthehell
RT @HaydenMABB: If I had a dollar for every time Wasatch High School did something incredibly stupid, I’d have enough money to drop… https://t.co/yRcU8uZ1SG
RT @voguemagazine: The tuxedos @BTS_twt wore to the #Grammys were classic, but carried a powerful meaning. https://t.co/sXMzLHQ0SU
RT @DDirecto: .@BTS_twt was on the run at the #GRAMMYs but clearly they had such a fun night and so did I! And yes, I brought my… https://t.co/vvmZl3Yo1f
RT @agirlinthepark: Pathé Live, distributor for“Love Yourself in Seoul” film shared a thank you message- “ARMY It was a tremendous plea… https://t.co/RaViipICEj
RT @Variety: .@BTS_twt made history on the #Grammys stage: "Thank you to all our fans for making this dream come true, and we’ll… https://t.co/l7dtaNAqsn