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WHATTHEHELL!!! This is so sick i‘m not okay!!! Cheryl’s mental health is ...
@Converse @ItGetsBetter @OUTMetroWest @FenwayHealth My true ones self tells me that Converse Boardroom meetings are… https://t.co/pHC3N8SWfy
#youknowme I’m actually flabbergasted at what’s happening in the US right now. Tony stark just mastered time travel… https://t.co/DRX9ymobWF
So #Trump want to pause the case on whether he is making money off the presidency because he is too busy making mon… https://t.co/OzJT962Son
@ChillymanDE @Herr_Currywurst Was habe ich nur verpasst? XD Das ist herrlich!
@AppleSupport It's been months now, my screen time feature still doesn't work! #Whatthehell!
RT @NikitaDragun: good morning, i hope u are all minding ur business 2day
میں کارپوریٹ سیکٹر کی کچھ انتہائی کامیاب اور پروفیشنل لڑکیوں سے ملا جو مریم نواز کو پسند نہیں کرتی. میں نے پوچھا "ک… https://t.co/Qem1U5GkDY
Wow - Well, #BirthControlShouldBeFree #FreeBirthControl - Birth control needs to not only be FREE, it has to be eas… https://t.co/N4BOpOnpt2
Siang siang ngantuk ,malem malah melek #whatthehell
John Wick ch.3 is all I want in my bday 😭
RT @killthisjhx: มีใครติดพูดคำว่าขอบคุณ​แบบผมมั้ย​ ตอนเอาเงินทอนจากพนงเซเว่นผมก็พูดขอบคุณ​ พอลงจากวินก็ต้องพูดขอบคุณ​ตลอด55555555
@ItsACsLife Ang cute haha! 🤣
RT @daironsaurrr: Sarap mag coffee habang umuulan
"And I don't really care about If you love me, if you hate me You can`t save me, baby, baby All my life I've been g… https://t.co/lAf77y0yM8
@sleeepyrabbit_ @whatthehell_ you don't have to apologize to me, I was just explaining the situation. & I thought y… https://t.co/bwtiEsuap9
@whatthehell_ It’s ok, I understand what you meant and I should be more careful. Thank you pointing out this to me… https://t.co/QEHtWd3l4r
@vincentvankoo @whatthehell_ I quite know what’s happening cause my bias is jk and I ship taekook. But I don’t say… https://t.co/BAKOt7oskF