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RT @taekookpage: two cuties busy eating and minding their own world again https://t.co/qptIkSqj5E
RT @taekookpage: noooooooOooooOooOoo look how he eats that strawberry im so sad :((((((((( https://t.co/6lkJDzpvmN
@Ocasio2018 @SenSanders Bronx kids with asthma? Isn't that a universal thing? What's next, Michigan kids with glasses? #whatthehell
I hate when ur in the bathroom doing and a girl accidently runs into messing up ur makeup. #watchwhereurgoing #whatthehell #urabitch
RT @aramchi1230: 마음속이 얼마나 악으로 가득 차 있으면 생일에 팬들이랑 소통하려고 킨 라이브, 그것도 게임 속 댓글에 악플을 싸지르냐.. 오죽하면 석진이가 이럴까 진짜 세상 어떻게 사는지 몰라 😠😠😠 https://t.co/YHYr5QupuY
RT @taesgukkie: he has posters of himself plastered on his walls and he watches his own vlive we stan the ultimate crackhead https://t.co/PTVUtCQJSJ
RT @taekookpage: tbz fansign: [younghoon] a fan asked him about Taehyung. 🐬: You met V-sunbaenim yesterday right?? 🥐: wow.... 🐬:… https://t.co/AZGWq7YJLU
RT @veautaefulkook: Jungkook was telling his story so enthusiastically but got cut off when taehyung told him to pass him the water.… https://t.co/AcGJ8pwdn4
RT @sofiakml: if someone dms u a link in your dms, DONT OPEN IT. it hacks into your account. spread this https://t.co/JbCPHeRhQf
RT @ShadyMixerFacts: In a now deleted article from Just Jared, a “source” said that @LittleMix and @BTS_twt have worked together and tha… https://t.co/NoP957z7Wz
RT @cestlavie_90: Steve : @BTS_twt are really really nice guys, awesome, humble and friendly and their fans are... Others : crazy S… https://t.co/BxMGc6VHip
RT @kookvtwins: can't get over how precious they look sleeping together like this :(💘💜 https://t.co/hD6hDumQCZ
RT @SASGA_KV: 형 여기 물 있어~~ (형 마실 수 있어💕) 이런 느낌ㅋㅋ cr.suga_suga_taegi https://t.co/0JHhbmVWKr
RT @hopekidoki: I’m not exactly sure about the original source of the interview or when it was released, but it’s from somewhere be… https://t.co/rRmx0dA17f
RT @hopekidoki: Here’s an interview of Jin’s predebut vocal teacher. I love this bc they have such a beautiful relationship & it sp… https://t.co/KUo7QTyH5K
RT @choi_bts2: Jin’s hometown Gwacheon City in Korea called him “Son of Gwacheon, 과천의 아들” @BTS_twt #HAPPY_JIN_DAY