RT @LifeWithAlcohol: my life is a mix of wondering if it’s too late to drink coffee and wondering if it’s too early to drink alcohol
@Being_Wasym @beingChirag_ ok aur bata life mai kya chal raha hai.
RT @justcallmedev_: Got some good people in my life man 💯
RT @kentkristensen1: Live your life well .... It's a one time offer .... 😚🌻💕😎💞 #mondaymorning 🤘😜😲 Get out and eat with friends later… https://t.co/1ybX3iOxhB
RT @nnmykznrious: to anyone who says arashi can't sing, take time to listen to Miles Away you might want to rethink your life
You long to escape the mundane routine of everyday life and wi... More for Libra https://t.co/LcIHq9YUzQ
RT @coldrain_jp: 【冬季受注GOODS④】 LOUD FOR LIFE PHOTO PULLOVER HOODIE (黒/白)M/L/XL ¥5,500 受注開始10/26 12:00~ https://t.co/72704GTVfU https://t.co/OsYysvvA87
I just raised $25.00 for local @CMNHospitals thru @ExtraLife4Kids. You can donate too! https://t.co/d5cxpRvEqR #EXTRALIFE
RT @WTBunting: “expand the definition of #health to include #life, because when life goes wrong, health goes wrong”… https://t.co/jOroTdWMcF
最近はアイシャドウブラウンやピンク飽きたので、赤系を使う。服によっては紫もごくごーく稀に。オレンジは夏場は使う('・ω・') 今の時期はバーガンディとかええよね。
Soon we are going to have McDonald's in our university. Life is good.
@gontijogab na real life é mt mais amada com ctz
The only men a girl needs in her life are her father and big brother. #Blessed
@kooljulezrulez1 Nah Screw @daaaaddddy I'll write it about the Daily life of a Walgreens employee
RT @TheWorldImages: Rescuer meets girl who's life he saved 10 years ago during Hurricane Katrina: https://t.co/DA59VxNiPt
RT @___Svpreme: My number one goal is to stop complaining about getting up in the morning.. Blessed to still have life in my body😌
RT @richposlim: Twitter wrong n real life wrong two different things don't believe the hype
RT @TEN10shot: (TRANS) NCT LIFE 한식왕 도전기 EP 01 #TEN วินวินเลือกต็อกอีกแบบเตนล์กับยูตะก็บอกเอาแบบนี้สิ วินวินก็ส่ายหัว แล้วเตนล์ก็พู… https://t.co/vvGbv7wOVG
RT @just_punt_it: People complain about life too much. Not realizing that your existence was never guaranteed in the first place.
RT @TEN10shot: (TRANS) NCT LIFE 한식왕 도전기 EP 01 #TEN ตอนเชฟชิม เชฟบอกว่าหมูก็ย่าง ง่ายๆธรรมดา ไม่ไหม้ก็ถือว่าใช้ได้ ส่วนยำผักเปรี้ยว… https://t.co/uSnlfka4IY
RT @grilcode: on a scale of 1 to nature valley granola bar how much is ur life falling apart
RT @REIDersOfficial: Lahat ng nangyayari sa TIMY ay nangyayari sa totoong buhay. Thank you @DreamscapePH for making us see life beyond our own. #TIMYRunAway