@RebelDimonds True life with out parole or balls
RT @PilonMicheline: PLS RT SOS SOS SOS DOG ADOPTION SOS SOS SOS 💉 UPERURGENT Tamra needs a forever loving home right now... T… https://t.co/36TjmVtX2Y
RT @ilovequotebooks: Life is what we make it. So let's: Enjoy it. Celebrate it. Love it. Take care of it. Laugh about it. Help others th… https://t.co/cvla8ekNwu
RT @philihaile: my beautiful new addition... dedicated to my one true love @vk_official ... i’d say that defo deserves a supply of… https://t.co/fuGNW6MH35
RT @ChoiGoRen: You have no idea of the amount of happiness you brought to my life. My happiness starts with you. You are my happin… https://t.co/oeZkJfhmxC
RT @TylerT22: Life sciences startup Avro aims to deliver drugs to children and the elderly through skin patches https://t.co/T1CpZLGvcz
RT @Williams2Aryana: Sometimes you outgrow people, it's life.
@bobby_breakfast я тут в тв страдать пришла, а не на выебы смотреть
I’m grown living life don’t tell me I can’t have fun
RT @mjayimani: This been one of the blackest black history months of my life. https://t.co/JvLkijvSRW
RT @bmonaee_: Detoxing my life tbh .. God please continue to remove all the toxic people from it
RT @FreeLaddin: I have had some of the most racist encounters in my life with teachers. It only takes one racist teacher to be “fea… https://t.co/iDbnDEtXnv
RT @realFangsUp: MUST WATCH: Lion King's "Circle of Life" except it's replaced with Toto's "Africa" https://t.co/QXa4wsRExb
@69eyesofficial allergic reaction ... then of course whatever diet they need to be more healthy in life. End
RT @DanielleBreeden: I lost my car chapstick and now my book bag chapstick is in my room and my room chapstick is in my car and my whole life’s outta wack
RT @meagandanielss: every time it seems like life is punishing you, understand that you are only getting prepared for everything that you have coming to you ☝🏼😌
RT @liquorfools: i look awful but today was the best day of my life @troyesivan thank you so much for everything i love you with all… https://t.co/PiR9DedwLh
RT @bcarter0917: @NARAL @CHCmobile @PPFA That what gets me about pro-life ppl who use violence to get their msg across. Using violen… https://t.co/KdXEudtmRg
RT @backt0nature: During the cold winters, the Alaskan Wood Frog becomes a frog-shaped block of ice. It stops breathing, and its hear… https://t.co/6cnljvJ1r9
My heart sticks with life I don't know how this happens but automatically I shall live.
RT @flintbedrock: I hate seeing bad things happen to good people ... sadly that’s how life goes sometimes. Thoughts with everyone goi… https://t.co/0iFrux8bqS
RT @ansontm: RT if you’ve played violent videogames and watched violent movies your whole life and haven’t shot up a school https://t.co/KkrngQYIQe
LRT: True, but I do this as a writer, knowing full well that my dumbass can't write fight scenes to save my life.