RT @TrentShelton: Don’t waste the rest of your life waiting on someone to believe in you. God created you, that’s more than enough to BELIEVE in yourself.
No I see with that fuckin Barnet! Looks like he’s just off the set in Life of Brian https://t.co/peLRdRBKsw
RT @JohnFugelsang: Except Bible: Never forbids abortion Says life begins w/breath God says fetus has less value than woman in Exodus G… https://t.co/gDWLcGECkF
“We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindne… https://t.co/H85SO3KDoI
Erm so Estonia entry has some serious one direction story of my life vibes going on 🤨 #Eurovision #est
RT @MaryamNSharif: @BeenishSaleem HBD to one brave woman. Have a great life. Love and prayers.
So you are 16, what you do e with your life? I have represented my country at the #EurovisionSongContest
Today a legend was born! Yall show @norarahimian love! We just met, but wow, you made an instant impact on me in th… https://t.co/S3GZ7ZtZiA
@HighersideChats I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the diverse sets of information you have brought into m… https://t.co/glUeixzOaF
RT @nowthisnews: .@AOC asked this pharma exec why a life-saving HIV drug costs nearly $2,000 in the U.S. and $8 in Australia https://t.co/A7wTv92CCF
RT @rizzzy__: how I sleep at night knowing that all the bs in my life is temporary and I'll be a millionaire one day ... https://t.co/Hb1G29im0F
RT @kianjc_bands: Truth is no one in the beauty community including @jamescharles deserves a platform bc every. Single. One. of them… https://t.co/R0t2gsL60f
RT @MetaSystematic: The relationship between having multiple diseases and happiness: What does the scientific literature has to say abo… https://t.co/dSi9CJfA8q
RT @ThatDudeMCFLY: That man been waiting all his life for someone to try him . https://t.co/fZAcnJ4QIV
RT @Lexual__: We cannot “outbreed” White America. Black uteruses aren’t weapons. And actually, Sangers work began in NY with poor… https://t.co/i86ZY0OOHx
RT @Dw_day6_drummer: @Jae_Day6 Pleas 트랜스레이트 jae
@shawndeezzy @Camilas_Grande @babysnitchery Did you seriously just equate a human life to that of a tadpole's?
Just heard word about a job that's hiring, and pays a bit better than the job I'm leaving. I'm a bit meh about the… https://t.co/r0y7CYsLZT
RT @persianthoughtz: No matter how long y’all don’t talk, the love gone be there. People need to realize everybody got life shit they de… https://t.co/kLZiKZPQWn
RT @Necation: when you get a text and it isn’t from the love of ur life. https://t.co/5AyQVhZph6
RT @tuiorew: Magnus' bravery saved Alicante. He has been taking care of others his whole life. I'm sure he'll do that in the fut… https://t.co/RPZdibHZ9l
RT @BadBitxhAlert_: Self-control is strength. Calmness is mastery. You have to get to a point where your mood doesn’t shift based on th… https://t.co/AyWC14bdXq