RT @Ashlinaa: If ur always worried about what people are going to think about u... you'll always be sad & disappointed.. WHO CARES! DO YOU! LIVE UR LIFE!!
RT @SriSri: Your life revolves around money, relationships and reputation - the run for these makes you lose your health. (1/2)
RT @Brooklynschrink: My life sometimes seems too good to be true ❤ https://t.co/nfnXN1Iji6
@godlessdemon1 Respectfully, Right to life, liberty and...
RT @BlakeGray: I'm Listening to music that has a meaning about life😋
RT @_soulmansteve: Life is growth, we're forever growing https://t.co/pLULBmGWcO
they're so cute i hate my life https://t.co/FudFn7FsR5
RT @BELLALMAMIA: All my love for my loyal friends and friends to be @Anishinabe_Life @bellaprincesa18 @Koksalakn @JenaC2… https://t.co/wcPmLP0HyK
New message series begins Sunday! Do you feel like some part of your life is stuck? In ou… https://t.co/tQtFA9yzAF https://t.co/nKbYO9RVcK
@iamsafeadam Hiyaaaa when life gets busy & hectic,the love in a smile never fades. Smiles to you & everyone!😊😂😇❤️💙✌🏼️👏🏼✨😎😍😘💚💛take care
i've gotten more satisfaction out of this than anything in my life: https://t.co/IzjScEjot0
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RT @Tn_RamKid: I will support anything you wanna do with your life. Even if I'm not included in that
RT @LostToHistory: This accurately sums up life in the south at this moment. @WBHM @aldotcom @spann https://t.co/ZVeKvLRWEc
RT @xherriotx: s/o to my baby @G0ld_n for a brand new scanner; More Life 💗 https://t.co/KAyKbOxtYo
Life... what a beautiful amazing thing... it rewards us when we deserve it.. also dishes up karma when we desrve it..❤🤗🤗🤗
RT @WhitfordBradley: Charles Manson has healthcare for life. Republicans first priority is to repeal coverage for millions of hardworking Americans.
RT @IntThings: In life, if you don't risk anything, you risk everything
RT @AdorableWords: im not going to say 2017 will be my year bc idk what life will throw at me but i do know that i'm going into the new year much wiser
RT @rickygervais: Whenever you're fed up with life, just remember that you will be dead soon & forgotten forever & you won't even know it. Hope that helps :)