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@sumitbajaj01 hii @shahidkapoor what type of clothing do u most like to wear? (SoNa Jain from Haridwar) #Rangoon 💪
@roovin069 a number of outages reported on the link I have provided. What type of Internet do you have? -Ivan
@Pseudo_Parallax @Yarongus @KEEMSTAR known what type of response he would get especially with how the world is today. That's just my opinion
It is what you do when you are alone that shows what type of a relationship you have with Christ
I thoight they were performing like a fool but it's precious love what type of fake bitch am i https://t.co/7YQ36mDdFC
RT @razajaf: @EnyoAtHome Me, you know what type of emojis sending to me 😏@OL_Spirit
@thekiranbedi And what type of MLA's & parties too This is what happens when we allow selective corruption
This man. What type of rubbish? I truly dislike him. https://t.co/u4Y2vUsC63
RT @Pravinsindh: #SP MLA Mohamad Iqbal says, "Father Raping Daughter is Normal" @yadavakhilesh what type of Socialist is it in #UP?… https://t.co/90fyihwPV2
RT @BritanniaMovers: What type of property does £1m buy you in Britain in 2017? https://t.co/uoO2cK4CKN via @MailOnline
@aaakkkeeemmm Hi. Kindly confirmed, which SMS are you refer to and what type of card are you holding?
What type of student was you ?
RT @caresuga: what type of content is jimin watching on youtube that's got him having a watermelon cutting compilation on his rec… https://t.co/nlLJqT7NfY
What type of fish does two sodium atoms make? Normally, i would say 2na but sodium dont fucking mix with water, it would cause an explosion
@christinenels17 I’m sorry to see that you’re unhappy with your Sky TV service, Chrissy. What type of shows are you looking for? ^AD
What type of a Phoenix are you? https://t.co/rwbf1Q7sWU
@EnyoAtHome Me, you know what type of emojis sending to me 😏@OL_Spirit
The question is what type of person are you ...
RT @BBAnimals: I have no idea what type of dog this but I want one ?? https://t.co/xCNA7xqURO