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RT @tragedysins: For my Pokemon game: what type of starter should I get?
RT @TheBloodShow: What type of grown man feels attracted enough to some Lil kids to even wanna wait Til they 18? He weird & u Weirder… https://t.co/hTyWgOAnu7
RT @cavemank_27: What type of people you follow that even have the sheer audacity to slander Hardee's? https://t.co/xPr60meQYD
@FastestGrandson "What type of Olicity fanfic is this ?"
RT @jeffbullas: [QUIZ] What Type Of Digital Marketer Are You? https://t.co/RDRpUnbHdK #quiz #digitalmarketing #digital https://t.co/9JlUsq6y7J
RT @PicturskewPhoto: Co Down sky now @WeatherCee @barrabest @angie_weather @U105radio @CanonUKandIE #5D4 What type of cloud formation? https://t.co/KU7Vygx0Yb
RT @Babygvll: it's the lil shit mfs do that let me know what type of shit they really on
RT @xWeedPosts: "What type of girls are you into?" Me: https://t.co/kaItbXw0mr
RT @evanFmoore: Where are their families? What type of music do they listen to? Don't they have jobs? Why are they tearing up their… https://t.co/crrplgAt7R
@MrDrewScott what type of home would you recommend for a first timer still attending college?
What type of dudes you give the time of day ? — The type who I wouldn't mind bringing home to my fa... https://t.co/OAZ4qmqum9
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/38eXlN4yEI 【Eng Sub】【What type of girls does Matsuoka-kun like?】
RT @thatgirlhas: What type of intention and reality do you wish to create.
RT @MsPeters14: Knuck if you buck will forever get me hype, doesn't matter where I am or what type of mood I'm in.
RT @xWeedPosts: "What type of girls are you into?" Me: https://t.co/kaItbXw0mr
How y'all really use a child to get even with someone. What type of person would do some shit like that. To then say he ain't shit or
What type of traumatic experiences do y'all be putting niggas through, to make them literally afraid of relationships? 💀💀💀
QUIZ – What Type Of Digital Marketer Are You? https://t.co/cY5s7c5o2R jeffbullas https://t.co/EXxRnbQ2Uf
RT @Kamber: DM:A dragon attacks the village! PC: What type is it? DM: A white dragon PC: It's probably just mentally ill or has economic anxiety #GOPdnd
Lolol what type of shit..... nvm https://t.co/XgpBkLk5rG