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What type of watch did John Glenn wear? - https://t.co/G7kGtlUMnP
@NicholasB40 God damn it I’m so fucking angry now. What type of horse shit decision is that?!?
@AMShahidLatif Citizens of khi and specially people living in Malir what type of cop he is. He is earning money for… https://t.co/T9nBTd0sQn
RT @Gambo987: We will break down the Kemba Walker situation during the show - but think about this - would you give up a potentia… https://t.co/iYvcUXp8ZG
@wellmanlaylah fr! what type of name is chicago
Fucking chicago west, what type of name is that? They are going to get bullied to the worlds end with a name like that
@seattlerams_nfl I was thinkin same second after it happened. Reputation precedes him. Not a good look for him. Bu… https://t.co/muzik1r0ZC
RT @WeavingHouse: Ever wonder what type of people don't like #Women - https://t.co/WI7LkT6eMw
In this universe you are not a 'thing', you are a 'fact'; you are positioned in its focal point as its conscious by… https://t.co/LyXLWBhHwr
Q: What type of race is the Belmont Stakes? A: Horse race #trivia
@lando64000 Can u give a hint about what type it will be?
@CREAMHOSEOK mm what type? i love all pasta
“In The Midst Of #MeToo, What Type Of Man Do You Want To Be?” by @IjeomaOluo https://t.co/BbpV71gv07
@rlopo88 @rlopo88 That's awesome! Do you know what type of car you might be getting?
RT @xoxo_taj_BOSS: when you catch a glimpse of yourself after sex & try to figure out what type of nasty freak bitch you’ve turned into https://t.co/PjnouH9j2q
RT @KB1HQS: ★ “What type of gear do you use?” ★ This is the question I get asked most often. https://t.co/KRt6L2e5SN I I have c… https://t.co/vuR0w0i28v
Been showed me what type time u was on. I ain’t surprised.. do u bby 👍🏼
Wait y’all aint tell me Rick Ross got his ex wife daughter pregnant lordtttt what Type of caucasity is that lmao
What type of friend are you to your friends?
I dont know what type whack ass carpenter designed my bathroom but he thought it was a good idea to put a near full… https://t.co/5eQ98HBkjH
What type of bullshit is this?! https://t.co/RCpqeJvTw7
I applied for so many jobs I don't be knowing what type of interview I be walking into!
what type of sex are you quiz naked cowby https://t.co/oguOUWvLYH
I just can’t believe what is going on at Sunderland. Fair play to Coleman. The whole world should know what type of… https://t.co/ATRU4WIDQ8