What to Do or Not Do in Backing up Your Data

Even though backing up our data is extremely important, we often neglect it. Why? Well, because its just another thing you know you have to do, but you just dont have time for. Believe me, once your computer crashes, youre done. Worries? Multiplied and also, a lot of important data lost. I know its easier to just say Backup? Oh, Ill do it tomorrow, its not such a big a deal Yeah, sure. And tomorrow? Youll do it the next day? And then? Computer boom! And youre like If I had known this would happen I would have backed up my data. I bet you would have. We dont know if or when will it happen, but when it does we have to be prepared.Dos. OK, well first of all and also the most important thing of all- back up your data! You dont have to back up all of it, just the vital data, data that is indispensable to you. Just think what losing it would do to you. Second, use data storages carefully. If you use offline means, like CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, after you get your data on them, put them in a safe place. Then, if you dont have safe room, make some: put the CDs in a dry, hard to reach for others, place. Third, every week or so, update your data storages. Add the new irreplaceable files so you dont have to think about the risk of losing them. This is really a life saver.Dos-part 2. A very good storage for your data is online storage with a very good password. Its safer than offline storages and you can get to your data anytime from anywhere. Whatever way of backing up you choose is good if you use it and better, if you know how to use it. Anyone with basic computer skills can do it. Also, keep in mind that you need an Internet connection if you want tot use online backup. Another good tip would be to make a copy of the data you store and keep it in a different place. For example, if you have something stored on a CD, make a copy of that CD. Keep one CD at home and one at work so youre covered.Dos-part 3. The best way to store your data is to have both online and offline storages. This is the most secure way, but it is a bit more expensive. This is because if something happens to your PC, you have your CDs, DVDs, memory sticks. And if something happens to those to, you have your files copied online and you can access them from elsewhere. But, if you consider online backup a tad too pricy for your security, then try out just the offline methods. Only remember to have two copies kept in separate places. Online backup saves you the time that you spend on backing up your data to offline means but its up to you.Donts. The most important dont is dont forget to back up your data! Even though the computer is a revolutionary machine, it can be damaged, it can break. So dont save your data only on the internal hard disk because you can lose it very easily. Dont save your data on CDs and then put them wherever. They can easily get scratched and malfunction or not function at all. Dont forget to backup your files every week or every day. It depends on the updates of the important data. Dont forget your password to the online storage account because it may almost save your life one day. Dont underestimate data backup, disasters happen every day.It doesnt matter if its your personal or your business computer. I bet you have files that you need and you would be devastated if they got lost. Pictures, account information, emails, address books and not the mention your business data which includes customer details, accounts and everything your business creates. I know, backing up your data is time consuming, but just think of the benefits you get from securing you data and not desperately trying to recover it after a disaster. Wouldnt it be easier to have everything you need just a click or an external hard drive away? Well, yes, it would and it would also save you from pulling your hair. Just in case.

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